Short -sleeve changing fun underwear tutorial chart

Short -sleeve changing fun underwear tutorial chart

1 Introduction

Short -sleeved changing sexy lingerie is a fashionable dress that many female friends want to try, which can make women more sexy and charming and increase self -confidence.Today, I will introduce the tutorial chart of short -sleeved sexy underwear, so that you can easily learn this fashion wear skills.

2. Preparation

Before performing short -sleeved underwear, you need to prepare some tools, including underwear, scissors, sewing machines or hand needles, needle wires, transparent tapes, and some decorations, such as beads or lace.

3. Cut off the sleeve

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Put on the underwear, then measure the length of the sleeve, and adjust the length of the sleeve according to your needs.Next, cut the sleeve through scissors or cutting machines.

4. Switching button

Cut the clothes in front of the underwear, and then sew it with a button, so that you can put on and take off your underwear without having to pass through the underwear from the head.

5. Sewing sleeves

Sewing the edges of the sleeve with a sewing machine or hand needle to ensure that there is no loose line head.You can fold your sleeves inward to hide the sewing thread head.

6. Increase lace

If you want to add some lace decoration to the underwear, you can stitch the corresponding lace edge on the edge of the underwear.

7. Make a bead chain

String beads into a chain, and sew it in the chest area of the underwear to increase the beauty and fashion of the underwear.

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8. Paste the transparent tape

When you transform underwear, some loose lines may make your underwear look a little messy.At this time, you can stick some transparent glue to keep the line tidy.

9. Other decorations

You can also make other decorations in the area of the underwear, such as sticking clay or jewelry to make a variety of flowers and other designs to improve the fashion of underwear.

10. Conclusion

Short -sleeved sexy underwear is a very interesting fashion wearing skills that allows you to increase self -confidence and charm and become the focus of the spotlight.Through this article with a tutorial, you can easily learn this skill and practice on your underwear.Try it to create your own fashion style.