Shanghai recruiting lingerie men model

Shanghai recruiting lingerie men model

Shanghai recruiting lingerie men model

In this era of pursuing personalization, sexy underwear has become more and more popular with the public.In order to better show the beauty of sexy underwear, the role of male models has become more and more important.Therefore, some brands in Shanghai began to recruit sexy underwear men.The following will introduce you how to be an excellent sexy underwear model.

1. Sexy physical condition

One of the basic requirements of sexy underwear men’s models is to have sexy physical conditions.The first is the body requirements. On the basis of maintaining health, there must be a certain muscle lines and lines.Secondly, it is skin tone, which requires white and smooth skin, and do not have too much tattoo or spots.Finally, when wearing underwear, you must have confidence and patience, not afraid of nervousness and embarrassment.

2. Professional underwear knowledge

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Sexy underwear men’s models need to have certain underwear knowledge.This is not only a understanding of sexy underwear style, but also related knowledge such as underwear, domestic and foreign markets and consumption habits.When shooting and displaying, we must be able to achieve reasonableness, so as to better show the beauty of sexy underwear.

3. Accurate and beautiful steps

The steps are very critical.The sexy underwear men’s models need to be accurate and beautiful in every link during shooting and display.Not only should you pay attention to the wear and matching of each piece of underwear, but also master the movements and steps of each step, which can truly show the beauty of the sexy underwear.

4. Good team cooperation

Sexy underwear men’s models often need to cooperate with a team, including photographers, makeup artists, stylists, etc.When communicating with these team members, you need to have good communication skills and cooperation attitude, cooperate with everyone, and complete the display of sexy underwear together.Only by doing their own collaboration and mutual understanding can we better show the beauty of sexy underwear.

5. Horizontal expression ability

When shooting and displaying the men’s model men’s models, you need to pay a lot of effort and energy, and you must have sufficient expression.Whether in all aspects of makeup, shape, shooting, display, etc., you need to express your own unique personality.In addition, it should also have good English spoken ability, especially when communicating with overseas team members.

6. With unique personality charm

The sexy underwear men’s models need unique personality charm. Wearing sexy underwear can show their own characteristics and style.Therefore, when shooting and displaying, you need to show your unique charm and let the audience feel your differences and specials.

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7. Rich experience and skills

Men’s model men’s models need rich experience and skills. The accumulation of these experiences and skills is obtained in practice.When shooting and displaying, you may wish to learn more experience and skills, such as how to relax yourself, maintain self -confidence, etc. These techniques are very necessary for sexy underwear men’s models.

8. Training your own self -confidence

In the work, sexy underwear men’s models often need to accept the aesthetics and evaluation of audiences and team members.Therefore, the sexy underwear men’s models need to have enough psychological preparation to evaluate and deal with themselves, and improve their self -confidence and frustration.

9. Pay attention to both internal and external repairs

In addition to the beauty of sexy underwear men, it also needs to pay attention to internal literacy.Learn some knowledge, strive for health in terms of fitness, pay attention to good words and deeds, and show the cultural literacy and social responsibility that a qualified male model should have.

10. Keep a good image at all times

It is very important to maintain a good image at all times.Including paying attention to oral hygiene, neat clothing, and decent words, you should always grasp it to show respect for yourself and work.


As a sexy underwear model, only with relevant knowledge and skills and continuous efforts can we show the beauty of sexy underwear.In the future, it is believed that sexy underwear will be more and more popular and loved by the public, and the demand for sexy underwear men’s models will become larger and larger.Therefore, becoming an excellent sexy underwear model, you must constantly refine yourself to improve your internal quality and external charm.