Sexy underwear trial large -scale video

Sex underwear trial large -scale video: see -through underwear, lace sexy outfit

Having a sexy sexy underwear is the wish of many women.In order to present the beauty of sexy underwear, some websites will release sexy underwear trials to allow buyers to better understand the models, size and wearing effects of underwear.However, some videos appear too large, making people confused and controversial.This article will be discussed here.

What is sexy underwear trial video?

Fun underwear trial video means that after wearing a sexy underwear, the video shows the video, which is often used on the sexy underwear sales website.Through the video, you can see the appearance, material, tailoring, style, and the actual dressing effect of the model, so that the buyer can determine whether he is suitable for himself and meets his requirements.

Large -scale sexy underwear trial piercing video caused controversy

However, some sexy underwear trials make people feel too large, and it brings obvious sexual hints visually.The production of these videos is often used to shoot the models of the model’s body directly with the shooting lens, especially the chest and buttocks, which makes the audience feel uncomfortable.This kind of sexy underwear trying on this kind of "scale" is often considered a kind of speculation method in product publicity to solicit customers.

Why is the selling point of sexy underwear trials in the "scale"?

Can sexy underwear only be a "scale" to become a selling point?The answer is not.But admit that some sexy underwear sales platforms pay attention to hype. They believe that only "scale" can attract sufficient attention. In a fierce market ecosystem, there are still ways to attract customers, increase attention, and increase sales in this way.Some effects.But after all, the selling point caused by the "scale" drainage is far from allowing women to continue to buy sexy underwear.

Some sexy means of sexy underwear

So, is the sexy method of sexy underwear? Is there only a "scale" way?actually not.Sex underwear can also be made through the following means.

Perspective effect

The perspective effect is one of the common means of sexy underwear. The fabric of this underwear is beautiful and perspective, which visually opens the multi -layer to increase the mystery and sexy attributes of the underwear.This kind of sexy underwear interior is mostly lace, lace mesh, etc., which have the characteristics of showing cuteness and temptation.

Combined wear

The combination of sexy underwear is also one of the ways to increase sexy. Women can freely combine underwear based on different scenes to show their unique charm.Underwear is often composed of different components such as upper, lower, socks, and earrings.In addition, "Unlined/ NON-PADDING" underwear is often used in cold weather atmosphere such as the sweater. Although it will not be naughty like other thick ornaments, Dapeng’s wingsA lot of sexy bowed.

Low -cut

The low -cut design is one of the effective means to enhance white -collar leisure occasions and evening dating occasions.The appropriate low -cut number will make the lines on the chest naturally plump, showing a body curve that makes people feel excited.


Sex underwear trial video is a marketing method of the sex underwear sales platform. Whether its content is too large, depending on consumer preferences and moral bottom lines.In addition to the "scale" means in design, the sexy attributes of sexy underwear can also be expressed through various methods such as perspective effect, combination design, low -cut design, etc. in the future.The market is widely collected.Whether it is a large -scale sexy underwear trial video or in unconventional sexy underwear design, being able to show sexy and feminine charm in sincerity and nature is the charm of sexy underwear.

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