Sexy underwear sales plan

Sexy underwear sales plan

market research

Before formulating the sex underwear sales plan, the market needs to be fully studied.Through market research, we learned about the current demand and sales status of the sex underwear market.

Targeted market

In response to market research, we have determined the target market we need to open up.We will mainly face female customers aged 20-40. Women of this age are usually very sensitive to fashion trends.

product marketing

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We will promote our products through various forms, such as brand advertising, online sales, and social media.With these promotion methods, we will get greater exposure in the target market.

Price Strategy

We will take a reasonable pricing strategy to put profit margins at a reasonable level.At the same time, we will also ensure that our price is not high or too low to attract more customers.

Sales channels

We will sell through multiple channels online and offline.The offline sales point will be located in the business district or in the shopping center. Online sales will set up an official e -commerce platform.

Sales forecast

We expect sales in the first year to reach $ 500,000, and the next year will reach $ 1 million.This goal is based on market research and product analysis, while taking into account our sales strategy and pricing strategy.

Customer relationship management

We are committed to establishing good customer relationship management, including high -quality after -sales service and regular customer feedback surveys to better meet customer needs.


Development Plan

We have a positive development plan to expand the product line in the third year and introduce more different sexy lingerie styles to meet more customer needs.

employee training

In the implementation of the sales plan, we will provide employees with professional underwear knowledge and service skills training to improve their service level and sales performance.


We believe that through our sales plan, we will provide customers with better products and services, and also create more sales performance.We look forward to creating a better future with customers in the future development process.