Sexy underwear posture icon girls

Sexy underwear posture icon girls

Sexy underwear posture icon girls

Interest underwear has become one of the stylish and sexy representatives, and various styles and styles are constantly being new.For girls, wearing sexy sexy underwear can make themselves more confident and attractive.However, there are many girls who do n’t know how to wear sexy underwear correctly. The following is some sexy underwear posture atlas for your reference.

Choose the right size

First of all, choosing the right size is the most basic.If the sexy underwear is too large or too small, it will affect the effect.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose according to your body size.

The bra for a bra

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The posture of sexy underwear bra is very important.First, adjust the shoulder strap to the appropriate position; second, adjust the cup of the bra to the appropriate position to ensure that there will be no part of the chest overflow; in the end, the bottom edge of the bra should be placed under the chest.

Lace underwear wearing posture

When wearing lace panties, you need to pay attention to adjusting the position of the panties appropriately to ensure that it fit the body curve.In addition, pay attention to the hygiene of the underwear, and choose a good style of cotton fabric and breathability.

The posture of hanging straps

Hanging sticks can enhance the beauty of the legs, but you need to pay attention when you wear it.First, choose the appropriate size; second, the position of the socks should be adjusted appropriately to avoid the phenomenon of any roll.

Stockings wearing posture

Stockings are also one of the love underwear that many girls like.When wearing stockings, choose the size of your own size, and pay attention to the position of the toes and heels to ensure that the entire length of the socks is close to the skin of the legs.

The gesture of the bellyband

Wearing a bellyband need to pay attention to the fit with the body, so as to avoid falling off when exercising or excessive movement.In addition, you need to choose the proper bellyband style to show the appropriate curve and beauty.


Dressing posture of suspender vest

Wearing a camisole also need to pay attention to the fit of the chest and the width of the neckline.It is recommended to choose the proper neckline width and shoulder straps to ensure that there will be a drop of drop in the exercise or when the movement is too large.

Paper wearing posture

Pajamas are a kind of sexy underwear. The posture of pajamas needs to be noticed to choose the appropriate size and fabric to ensure comfortable wear.In addition, you need to pay attention to the overall matching effect of pajamas to show your sexy charm.


The posture of sexy underwear may look simple, but you need to pay attention to a lot of details when you act in actual wear.Choosing the right size, paying attention to the adjustment of underwear, comfortable wear, etc. These are very important.I hope that girls can choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to the above -mentioned sexy underwear posture to show their beauty.