Sexy underwear pants catwalk show

Sexy underwear pants catwalk show


The charm of sexy underwear is to stimulate people’s desire deep in their hearts, while adding interests between husband and wife.In the type of sexy underwear, pants are a very challenging underwear. It requires a suitable top to achieve the best effect and can bring the greatest fun and sexy experience.


Interest underwear pants are mainly conventional and explicit.The conventional pants are closed, generally suitable for beginners or those who want to try.The explicit model is the opposite. This underwear usually shows sensitive parts, fully shows the curve and sexy of the body, suitable for those who want to be unique.


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In terms of sexy underwear pants, it is usually used with smooth silk texture and soft lace material, which feels comfortable and diverse in color.At the same time, because the pants need to fit the skin better, the texture is relatively thin, and it feels softer and comfortable.

Size and size

Sex underwear pants size is usually a standard code, but pay attention to the actual size when buying.If your body shape is special, you can choose to customize, but this usually takes some time.

Color and style

Interest underwear pants have many options in color and style.Generally, classic black, red and white are the hottest colors.In terms of styles, the side of underwear, bow decorative underwear, and transparent underwear are the most popular choices.


The price of sexy underwear pants depends to a large extent on the uniqueness of materials, brands and design.Generally speaking, the average price is $ 50 to $ 100, but the price of high -end or designed luxurious sexy lingerie pants may also exceed this range.

Follow -up care

Interest underwear pants need to be cleaned and cared for appropriately after use.It is recommended to use a neutral detergent to wash it, or put it in a laundry bag to use the washing machine.Note that sex underwear should not be exposed or dried.

Bustiers & Corsets


In terms of sexy underwear pants, it is recommended to choose a top that is consistent with your body, and mainly based on the same color to achieve visual consistency.At the same time, please be careful not to choose an over -exposed top to avoid affecting the effect.


Sexy underwear pants are suitable for wearing in private occasions and sex.At a special moment such as Valentine’s Day, Couple Day or Birthday, it can be used as a gift to increase each other’s interest.


At the same time as sexual needs meet sexual needs, sexy underwear can also improve the taste and intimacy between husband and wife.When choosing, pay attention to materials, styles and quality. Pay attention to the coordination of visual and figure with tops, and finally pay attention to cleaning and care.Take care of this sexy underwear with your heart, making you full of fun and fun in daily life.