Sexy underwear love pose chart

Sexy underwear love pose chart

Sexy underwear love pose chart

Interest underwear can not only bring freshness and fun to our sex, but also can play more sexual posture by matching different underwear design.Let’s take a look at the love pose chart of sexy underwear.

Missing the game: underwear lace -type restraint

Bonding is one of the kinds of emotional stuff, which is a curious and mysterious experience for many people.In the process of love, we can add a little teasing game with underwear.

There are two forms of underwear lace -type constraints. One is to tie the lace on the bed, so that the other half cannot move freely, and to provide stimulus to the other party; the other isA certain part cannot be moved freely, thereby increasing tension.This way will make more understanding and emotional integration between each other.

Sexy Lace Blindfold – 7681 – 7682 – 7686

Surprise experience: exposed milk, open crotch erotic lingerie

In the world of sexy underwear, there is a rather strange design: exposed milk, open crotch sex underwear.Although it looks a little surprised and sensitive, this underwear can make the sex experience more colorful and surprising.

Wearing this underwear for love will make the scene unique and passionate.Try some different postures and actions so that the other party can feel this novel experience.Such surprises will make the relationship between the two parties closer.

Sexy and close -fitting: hollow penetration of fun underwear

In the design of sexy underwear, the design of hollow perspective is relatively sexy and loved by people.This kind of sexy underwear reveals that if there is no skin, it makes people unsure.

Wearing this sexy underwear when having sex will make the whole process of sex more orgasm.You can use some half -surprise actions to reach the highest point of the opponent’s stimulus.

Essentials: Prisoners’ outfit of fun underwear

Prisoners’ costumes are a more classic style in sexy lingerie, showing a kind of restraint and strangeness as a whole.In the process of love, this sexy underwear can make both sides have an interesting experience.

Generally, the role -playing can be played before the house and the topic can be performed to the end.After the two sides wearing prisoners’ outfit of sexy underwear, they can make some wrists, ankles, and different positions.This method will make the sex process more exciting.


Wonderful journey: green animals sexy underwear

In the design of sexy underwear, the animal series is often used.However, the green animals are relatively suitable for color.

Put on this sexy underwear, you can try some wonderful movements.For example, the "green animal" seized you, you have to use your wisdom and ability to get rid of its restraint and achieve the ultimate victory.In this process, sex itself is like a wonderful and interesting journey.

Leading Trend: Rabbit Girl Lang’s Fun Underwear

Whether we are men or women, rabbit girls’ sexy lingerie is a style that is more popular in sex culture.Rabbit Girl’s sexy underwear reveals a cute and childish feeling that allows the other party to enter the state of "love" faster.

When wearing a rabbit girl’s sexy underwear, she appropriately uses some sexy sensitive stimulation and hidden role -playing to attract the other party’s attention.This way will keep the two sides in the journey of love.

Double enjoyment: lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is relatively soft and comfortable than other sexy underwear. The exposed skin adds a sense of romance.This underwear can be paired with some novel sexual postures to make the body feel comfortable.

When wearing a lace sexy underwear, you can perform a sexual posture that both sides enjoy at the same time.For example: the legendary "gum" and "boxing sex" and so on.This method not only allows the two sides to enjoy the joy of sex, but also can share the "love" method with each other.

Harmony and beautiful: small fresh sex lingerie

In the design of sexy underwear, small fresh sexy underwear has become a relatively trendy design.Although some small and fresh erotic underwear have no excessive design, their purity and love marks are deeply attracted.

Wearing a small fresh erotic underwear in sex, you can try some positions and actions that are more concerned about the emotion and atmosphere of both parties.For example, "Hug", "Brother Come to Hard" and so on.This way will make feelings reach a realm of harmony and beauty.

in conclusion

The topic of sexy underwear, although it looks a little private and mysterious, is actually a better talk.In the love and love experience, sexy underwear can bring new feelings and challenges.Of course, in the process of sex, it is very important for the feelings and respect for both parties.We need to fully respect the wishes and ideas of others, so as to create a beautiful and happy love atmosphere.