Sexy underwear is so shy to wear

Sexy underwear is so shy to wear


Sexy underwear refers to a more special underwear. It is usually more sexy and exposed, which is mainly used to enhance the emotion and sexual life between husband and wife.However, the word "interest" may make some people feel shy and dare not try to wear this underwear. This article will introduce the various types of sexy underwear in detail. I hope to answer the doubts of readers.

Sex underwear type

There are many types of sexy underwear, mainly including:

Sexual feelings: This underwear is usually exposed to some chest, waist, hip, etc., which is sexy.

Beauty erotic lingerie: This underwear mainly highlights the beauty and charm of women, and is more tender and soft.

Adult sex lingerie: This underwear is usually exposed, and complex sex games need to be used.

European and American sex lingerie: Most of this underwear comes from European and American brands, with novel styles and particularly welcomed by young women.

Skills for purchasing sexy underwear

You can’t casually choose a sexy underwear. Here are a few purchasing skills:

Pay attention to your body characteristics and choose the style and type that suits you.

When buying, choose good brands and reliable underwear.

Before buying, you can first understand the needs and preferences of your and your partner so that you can buy a satisfactory underwear.

Suggestions wearing sexy underwear

It is not easy to wear sexy underwear. Here are some suggestions:

Maintain self -confidence, no matter what kind of sexy underwear, you must keep confident when you wear it.

The style and color selection of underwear should be appropriate, with the skin tone of clothes or body, which will make you look more attractive.

Do not wear underwear for too long to avoid affecting your health.

Falling underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is very important. The following points need to pay attention:

Underwear should be washed separately from other clothes and cannot be mixed together.

Underwear is best washed by hand, or washed in a washing bag in a washing machine.

Underwear cannot be exposed to the sun, it is best to put it in a ventilated place.

Wear sex underwear on the occasion

It is important to wear sexy underwear. The following occasions can wear sexy underwear:

Live a romantic night with your partner at home.

Go out for vacations with your partner to enhance passion and sexual interest.

Participate in special parties or nightclubs and carnival with friends.

The design trend of sexy underwear

The design trend of sexy underwear is constantly developing. The main design trends include:

Use lace, silk and other materials to highlight the feminine and charm of women.

The design is more concise and bold, reduce too much material and unnecessary design.

Highlight the scientific and technological content and provide a more user -friendly experience.

Precautions for Taobao sex underwear

There are also some matters that need attention to buying sexy underwear on Taobao and other e -commerce platforms:

Before buying, you must see the information and details of the product to avoid misunderstanding.

Try to choose sellers with good reputation and high evaluation, which is more secure.

Do not compare Taobao’s products with the products of physical stores. The quality and effect of the two may not be exactly the same.


Interest underwear is a very special underwear that helps to enhance the feelings and sexual life between husband and wife.Although it may make people feel shy, as long as you learn the correct purchase, wear, and maintenance methods, you can enjoy the improvement of emotion and psychological satisfaction.

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