Sexy underwear China Merchants Franchise URL

Sexy underwear China Merchants Franchise URL

What is sexy underwear investment promotion to join?

Interesting underwear investment promotion refers to a way to expand the scope of business, accelerate brand promotion and reduce operating costs, and use cooperation with investors to dispatch professionals and resources from all over the country to jointly promote the brand’s cause.

The benefits of sexy underwear investment promotion joining

① Expand brand influence: By franchise operation, brands can quickly enter the local market, and quickly open the market with the resources and connections of local franchisees.

② Reduce cost: Brands can borrow local franchisees’ shops, warehouses and other venue facilities, and do not need to invest in construction, which greatly reduces operating costs.

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③ Accelerating the management process: China Merchants can copy its own management system to franchise stores, so that the management process of the brand can be more rigorous, and it can quickly build a business support system such as production, distribution, and after -sales.

Conditions for sexy underwear investment promotion joining

The brand has the core competitive technology and can meet the market demand. The products are known as cost -effective;

The successful brand marketing strategy has achieved long -term health growth by achieving brand and profit maximizing;

The brand management model is perfect, the supporting system is strict, scientific, and standardized, and can effectively grasp the maximum value of the brand.

Sexy underwear Merchants Franchise Process

① Investment planning plan and plan;

② China Merchants issue franchise policies and sign a confidant agreement;

③ Investment in market research to determine the conditions for joining;

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④ China Merchants recommend franchisees, experience stores or physical store interviews;

⑤ China Merchants sign a franchise contract and pay the franchise fee;

⑥ China Merchants provide training and support, delivery and layout stores;

⑦ Provide various advertising materials for free investment promotion, and franchise stores start business.

What are the problems need to pay attention to sexy underwear investment promotion?

① Brand word of mouth: choose a brand with good reputation and guarantee;

② Franchise fee, margin, annual fee, etc.: Franchisees need to carefully verify various charging standards and clearly agree;

③ After -sales service: The brand needs to have comprehensive warranty and after -sales service to maintain the interest relationship with the franchisee;

④ market prospects: The brand needs to have a clear development positioning, the market development prospects are good, and behind the brand has strong strength support.

Several well -known erotic lingerie brands China Merchants Join Website

1. Tao TiO TIO

Official website:

2. Bellatine

Official website:

3. Love liquid

Official website:

4. Kodoli

Official website:

Point of view

Joining China Merchants is a way for the rapid expansion of the brand, but when choosing a sexy underwear brand to join, you need to carefully compare the superiority and market prospects of each brand. At the same timeIn order to achieve the win -win results of both parties.