Sexy underwear ballet video Daquan

Sexy underwear ballet video Daquan

Sexy underwear ballet video Daquan

What is sexy underwear ballet?

Sexy underwear ballet is a special dance that combines sexy underwear with ballet, which aims to show women’s beauty and sexy in sexy underwear.

The sexy underwear type of performance

In sexy underwear ballet, female dancers wear various types of erotic underwear, such as hip skirts, T -shirts, suspenders, jumpsuits, etc. Different styles of sexy underwear will bring different feelings and visual effects.

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Music choice

Interest underwear ballet needs to have music that is consistent with the body shape of sexy underwear and dancers. Generally, the choice of music include soft, sexy, beautiful jazz music, Latin dance music, etc.


In sexy underwear ballet, dancers need to master some techniques, such as stretching the body, using stairs and beds to make special movements, and use the body structure flexibly to enhance performance effects.

How to choose sexy underwear ballet clothes?

Selecting sexy underwear ballet clothing needs to consider the matching of different styles of sexy underwear and ballet skirt, color selection, comfortable fabric, and suitable dance shoes.

Common error

Some people who do not understand erotic underwear ballet may perform this as a sexy dance, but in fact this is a beautiful artistic expression. You need to pay attention to the presentation of dance skills and overall aesthetics.

Popular sexy underwear ballet video sharing


Here are some popular sexy underwear ballet videos, including Chinese and foreign dancers, showing amazing beautiful figures on the stage, showing the charm of sexy underwear dance.

Why is it popular?

The popularity of sexy underwear ballet is that it can show women’s beauty and sexy, but also contain beautiful dance movements and music. It is the perfect combination of sexy underwear culture and dance culture.

The development prospects of sexy underwear ballet

China’s sexy lingerie ballet is relatively small than the European and American markets, but with the continuous upgrading of the demand for the consumption of Chinese people’s culture and entertainment, this form of dance will also gradually be loved by more people, and future development prospects will be optimistic.


Through a variety of forms, including sexy underwear ballet, it can better convey women’s beauty and sexy, and also show the unique charm of artistic expression in dance.