Sexy underwear 2017

Sexy underwear 2017

1 Introduction

Since sex products have gradually moved towards the people, sexy underwear has also become the choice of more and more women.In 2017, with the gradual popularization of sexual culture, fast fashion and brand underwear launched a variety of styles through innovation, so that everyone can find a sexy underwear that suits them.

2. Materials and fabrics

High -quality materials and fabrics are the key to ensuring the comfort and durability of sexy underwear.Nowadays, most sexy underwear materials use lace, silk, cotton, fiber and blending, and use more and more slender materials, which can make underwear more personal and more in line with ergonomics.

3. Style and shape

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The style and shape of sexy underwear are the key to improving sexuality and aesthetics.Nowadays, women can choose a variety of styles and shapes, such as three -point lace underwear, hollowed out -of -the -art underwear, lace perspective underwear, etc. Each underwear can make women more sexy and unique personality.

4. Color and pattern

Color and pattern are the soul of sexy underwear design, making the underwear more charming and attractive.Black, red, pink, purple, blue, and common underwear color.The pattern can be a design from retro to modern atmosphere such as lace, butterflies, heart shape, leopard patterns, etc., allowing women to relax themselves in pajamas.

5. Size of underwear

The size standards used in different styles and types of sexy underwear are also different.For example, three -point sexy underwear only requires S, M, and L size; and some custom -made sexy underwear needs to be tailored to truly achieve the effect of fit, which is more suitable for certain people.

6. practicality

High -quality sexy underwear must not only be comfortable and durable, but also require practicality.Some erotic underwear are easy to wear and remove, and sometimes they can even have both body shaping effects. For example, some bras and chest stickers, as well as neck straps and shoulder straps are some common design elements.

7. Brand and price

There are many brands and prices in sex underwear. Whether it is a high -end brand or a fast fashion brand, there are a variety of sexy underwear products.The price is also ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Consumers can choose and purchase according to personal preferences and budgets.


8. Maintenance and maintenance

Regular maintenance and maintenance can extend the life of sexy underwear, and also make wearing more healthy and comfortable.Depending on the different materials and labels of sexy underwear, consumers can choose different cleaning methods, such as hand washing, cold water washing or dry cleaning.


With the popularization and gradually opening of sexual culture, the continuous upgrading of sexy underwear as one of the sexual supplies has made more women have more confidence and sexy.There are more and more varieties of sexy underwear, and the styles are becoming more and more abundant. Whether it is practical or beautiful, consumers can find products that are suitable for them.