Sexy underwear 200 pounds

Sexy underwear 200 pounds

Sexy underwear 200 pounds

Wearing a fitted underwear can adjust the figure, improve self -confidence, and increase sexual interest. It is the favorite of female friends.However, when many female friends are facing a large body shape such as 200 pounds, they feel unable to start with sexy underwear.So, how to choose the appropriate sexy underwear for these large female friends?

1. Understand your body characteristics

The figure of each female friend is unique, so we must first understand their own figure characteristics.For female friends of more than 200 pounds, most of them are full or apples, and some people may have thick arms, large waist circumference, and bust width.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must buy on your body characteristics.

2. Select the right style

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Wearing erotic underwear, you must not only consider your body, but also choose the right style.For female friends of more than 200 pounds, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with lace, lace and other materials. These styles can visually reduce the flesh and make the figure look longer.

3. Choose the right color

The color of sexy underwear is also a factor that needs to be considered when buying.For female friends of more than 200 pounds, it is recommended to choose dark color underwear, such as black, dark red, etc. These colors can better shape the figure.

4. Style and size matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention. The style must be matched with the size, and you must ensure that you will not feel uncomfortable after you wear it.The sexy underwear that is too small will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also emphasize the fat on your body, which is counterproductive.

5. Focus on emphasis on parts

For female friends with thick arms, it is recommended to choose a sleeve sexy underwear to cover the arms and make them look more slender.For female friends with larger waist and abdomen, you can choose some sexy underwear with abdominal effect to help shape the waistline and make the figure more perfect.

6. Strengthen the selection of models

Strengthening the sexy underwear can effectively shape your body.For female friends with large busts, you can choose to strengthen the sexy underwear, which can not only make the chest shape more perfect, but also improve your sexy charm.

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7. Pay attention to details

The quality and workmanship of sexy underwear are very important.When buying, you must pay attention to some details, such as whether the stitching is flat, whether the quality is stable, etc. to ensure that the quality of the sexy underwear purchased is excellent.

8. Confident

Wearing sexy underwear, the most important thing is self -confidence.No matter how fat you are or in stature, you must put down the restraint when you wear sexy underwear to show your most beautiful side. This is the real charm of sexy underwear.


Female friends with more than 200 pounds need to pay attention to many problems when choosing sexy underwear, such as the selection of figure characteristics, style and color, matching of size and style, focusing on emphasis on parts, strengthening model selection, details, etc.But the most important thing is self -confidence. Only when you dare to show your most beautiful side when you wear sexy underwear, it is the real charm.Therefore, let’s learn to choose the right sexy underwear together to show our most beautiful side.