Sex underwear model shooting process

Sex underwear model shooting process


With the development of society, more and more interesting underwear has been accepted and watched by people, and the promotion of sexy underwear is inseparable from model shooting.


When shooting sexy underwear, it is very important to choose a model. Perfect figure and temperament are essential for displaying underwear.

Cooperate with makeup artists and photographers

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When shooting, the model needs to closely cooperate with the makeup artist and photographer to make different degrees of makeup and shooting postures according to the scenes and styles.

According to the underwear style matching scene

When shooting, you need to match the scene according to the style of the underwear. For example, lace sexy underwear is suitable for shooting in bed, while lace sex lingerie is suitable for shooting in gardens or parks.

Pay attention to light and angle

Photography is the art of capturing light. Proper light can make the picture more vivid, and the appropriate angle can highlight the details and curves of the underwear.

Different styles

Different erotic underwear has different styles, such as European and American style of sexy underwear, Japanese and Korean style of sexy lingerie, etc., you can choose different shooting methods and composition according to the style to make the works more vivid.

Process details

During the shooting process, the treatment of some details is also very important, such as the location of the underwear, the placement of hair, etc., you need to pay attention.

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After the shooting, it is necessary to repair the picture, adjust the exposure, contrast, color, etc. to make the image more beautiful.


After repairing the map, you can publish and promote the work.It can be promoted through various channels such as social media and sexy underwear e -commerce platforms to attract more people to understand and buy sexy lingerie.


The promotion of sexy underwear requires the interpretation of models and the skills of photographers. Only with the cooperation of a professional shooting team can we show the unique charm of sexy underwear.