Sex underwear market survey

Sex underwear market survey


Sexy and underwear are the concept of complement each other.With the increasingly popular theme of "sex", the sexy underwear market has gradually grown.In the past five years, the sex underwear market has grown by more than 15%each year.This article will investigate this market to analyze its trends, factors and future development.

Popular styles in the market

There are many styles of sexy underwear, the most popular of which are lace, stockings, leather and mesh styles.Especially black, this is the most common color.Black is not only simple and generous, but also not prone to stains, but also more tempting.In different countries and regions, the popularity and style of sex underwear are slightly different.In Europe and the United States, sexy stockings and black lace underwear are the most popular.In Asia, there are different trends such as Japanese -style students’ clothing.

Factors Affecting The Market

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Modern media such as social media and movies have played a great role in promoting the popularity and development of the sex underwear market."Little Fresh" or "Cute" underwear often appear in Korean and Japanese dramas, which is quite popular in the Asian market.

In addition, the increasing attention of intimacy and the increasing popularity of free will have also promoted the popularity of the sex underwear market in recent years.With the improvement of independent women’s status, more women no longer use underwear as private items in their pockets, but relax themselves through sexy underwear and other methods to enhance self -confidence.

The Impact of Technology on the Market

Compared with other industries, the sex underwear industry is relatively traditional, but technology still occupies a special position.For example, the promotion of holographic projection underwear launched by Sidodolis has achieved great success and became a representative of high -grade sexy underwear.

Market Competition

The competition in the sex underwear industry is becoming more and more fierce, and there are more and more brands and styles in the market.At present, Victoria’s secrets and bras, Lise Charmel, are two brands that occupy the largest share.In addition, luxury brands such as Agent Provocateur and Bluebella are trying to cut into the market.At the same time, the Internet and smartphones have changed their sales channels, allowing more brands to participate in market competition.

Market Challenges

Although the sexy underwear market is growing, there are still some challenges.The biggest challenge is to manage the quality of the product, especially when the materials and labor conditions used by the manufacturer are not ideal.In addition, in a private social media environment, sexy underwear is regarded as an immoral product, which makes many users dare not buy and use sexy underwear publicly.

The Future of the Market

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In the future, the sex underwear market will maintain a growth trend, especially with the huge profits and brands to participate in the market, the popularity of sexy underwear will become higher and higher.At the same time, the application of high -quality underwear and new technologies makes sexy underwear a choice for more people.The entire market will gradually diversify.


The market prospects in the sex underwear are very good, but there are still many challenges, such as quality management and immoral problems.The future trend is diversified and the market will increase significantly.