Sex underwear campus novels

Sex underwear campus novels

Chapter 1: I first met sexy underwear

I am a freshman, and I don’t know about sexy underwear.However, I have heard that some girls on campus will wear various sexy underwear to attract men’s attention.So I was curious to find relevant information, and then found various styles and types of sexy underwear on the Internet.

Chapter II: Sexual Emotional Infunction Underwear

After understanding the erotic underwear, I found that the sexual relationship is the most attractive.This underwear is unique, with a variety of styles, soft materials, comfortable texture, and wearing women’s charm and self -confidence.

Chapter III: Adults Sex Lover

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Unlike ordinary underwear, adults have a higher degree of sexy underwear, and the design of the underwear is even more peculiar, which can evoke the infinite reveries of men present.

Chapter IV: European and American Insyweed Underwear

European and American sex underwear is one of the more popular styles. The color is vulgar or bold, and the texture is mostly materials such as lace and perspective network. It is more in line with the trend of European and American culture. It is loved by fashion and women.

Chapter 5: Japan and South Korea Sexy underwear

Japan and South Korea’s sexy underwear are softer and cute in the overall style, and the styles are mainly cute and sweet design.In terms of details, it pays more attention to exquisite, giving people a soft visual impact.

Chapter 6: The benefits of sexy underwear

In addition to increasing sexy underwear, it is more important that it has great benefits in maintaining women’s health.It can increase women’s self -confidence, improve women’s attitude, correct women’s spine, and regulate women’s endocrine.

Chapter VII: How to choose sexy underwear

When you go to the sex underwear store to buy, you should first pay attention to the integrity of the store. Secondly, choose the style and size that suits you. You can also buy suitable sexy underwear according to your body shape, preferences, and temperament.

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Chapter 8: Maintenance of Sex Underwear

Maintaining sexy underwear is important because it is a cloth that is directly attached to meat and often contacts liquidity such as human sweat.Therefore, you must use professional detergents when washing. Pay attention to hygiene. Do not soak the sex underwear with other clothes.

Chapter 9: Quotation of Fun Underwear Matching Skills

When mating with sexy underwear, you can refer to the method of matching fashion underwear, such as using different styles, colors, and material sexy underwear as the embellishment of the same color wardrobe, making the whole match more fashionable.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Interest underwear has an inestimable role in improving women’s charm and self -confidence, and also has many benefits.Therefore, when buying and matching, you must buy and match according to your needs. At the same time, pay attention to the cleanliness and cleanliness of sanitation and maintaining sexy underwear, and show your charm and beauty.