Mother -in -law turning over the show sex underwear

Mother -in -law turning over the show sex underwear

Mother -in -law turning over the sexy underwear — unveiled an embarrassing incident

When my daughter -in -law said half crying to me, "Mom turned the cabinet in our house today and saw my sexy underwear, saying that your husband and wife lived in harmony, and asked me if I had an affair," my mood collapsed directly, my face was directly collapsed, my face facedIn this regard, I think about this matter, and a seemingly difficult thing. What are the solutions to choose from?

Step 1: Keep calm, don’t be silent

When your mother -in -law suddenly hit your sexy underwear and show dissatisfaction, the first thing is to calm down.Although this may be an embarrassing moment, don’t be silent when you face this situation.

Step 2: Dialog

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After calm, please listen patiently with the mother -in -law’s speech. After listening, tell her the truth.For example, sexual health is important for husband and wife relationships or in order to increase interest and mystery, which are the norm in adult relations. Everything is between the two husbands and wives without intervention.

Step 3: Give sincere explanation and explanation

For the dissatisfaction of my mother -in -law, we must give a full explanation to show her a selfie or limb movement after wearing a sexy underwear, or the style, color and description of sexy underwear, to give her a deep memory and good textureA concept.

Step 4: Use a close -hearted language to eliminate misunderstandings

When talking to mother -in -law, you should use mild and non -aggressive language to eliminate misunderstandings or fear that may occur.Through communication, let her know that these sexy underwear is a special way to communicate between you and your partner, and it is also a form of life interest.

Step 5: Remind her, you are just communication between adults

Please understand that these sexy underwear is just a special way of communicating between your adults. You do n’t have to speculate fragmented. If she still has doubts or dissatisfaction, you can try to enlighten her and let her understand that the emotional experience between the affection will increase the emotional experience between the husband and wifeAnd fun.

Step 6: Keep patiently and help her digest information

Although her mother -in -law now shows certain doubts or dissatisfaction, when she hear the truth, she may need time to digest all information. At this time, you need to be patient, help her understand your point of view, and help her understand at the same time.The concept in adult relations.

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Step 7: Guide her proper precipitation

Please digest this information appropriately, this is very important, and it is also an important part of your relationship with her.The understanding and support for her can make the relationship between you more harmonious.You can find a suitable opportunity a few days later and talk to your mother -in -law.

Step 8: Don’t compromise easily

Talking with her mother -in -law and reconciliation education can do better with her mother -in -law.But there is no need to sell her principles. If she does not give up, forcing you to make some decisions that you don’t want to do, whether your family relationship is harmed or other negative effects, it is not worth making such a compromise.

Step 9: Help her understand love affair underwear

Perhaps why you are in a dilemma why you want to wear sexy underwear, then the brand, style, material, etc. of sex underwear must be in your control, not only to be familiar with yourself, but also to guide your mother -in -law who may have misunderstandings about sexy underwear to understandEssence

Step 10: Maintain good communication and improve relationships

Finally, maintaining good communication is the key to solving this problem.It is recommended to maintain regular gatherings on the basis of good relations, think and understand each other, and make the relationship more harmonious.


The mother -in -law’s sexy underwear is indeed an embarrassing thing, but as long as the above methods are used to comprehensively use the above methods, they also have professional knowledge, express their own ideas in the case of mastering the behavior of her mother -in -law, and respect the feelings of the mother -in -law.Resolve contradictions and enhance relationships.