Interesting underwear self -comfort

What is underwear self -comfort?

Underwear self -comfort refers to masturbation wearing sexy underwear. This behavior is no longer considered abnormal in modern times.In the process of sexy underwear played an important role, it can stimulate human sexy nerves and make people reach orgasm faster.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you needs to consider many factors, such as your body, personality, sex preference.In this process, choose the right size to ensure the comfortable and personal underwear and make yourself feel confident and sexy. At the same time, you must also consider factors such as design and lines.

The characteristics and usage of different types of underwear

At present, there are many different types of erotic underwear on the market, such as lace underwear, stockings, suspenders, and fit skirts.Each underwear has its own characteristics and how to use it.For example, stockings can show women’s beautiful leg lines. Perfect skirts can show the beauty of women’s curves, while lace underwear can make women more sexy.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

In order to protect sexy underwear and extend their service life, they must be reasonably maintained.Sending underwear generally requires hand washing or putting in a laundry bag for cleaning. Be sure to avoid cleaning with the washing machine, which will damage the underwear.In addition, underwear should be sunscreen, avoid friction with other clothes, and avoid using bleach and powerful alkaline cleaner.

Falling underwear festive application

On Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas and other festivals, people will express their care and love between each other by giving gifts.Interest underwear is also a very popular gift in these festivals.When choosing, consider the other party’s body, preferences and styles, so as to better achieve the effect.

Visual effects of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear can visually allow people to enter the state of sex faster, such as sexy fitted skirts, stockings, lace underwear, etc.These underwear can show the body curve of women, show the sexy charm of women, increase sexual stimuli, and allow people to enter the sex state faster.

Interest underwear and gathering

Interest underwear can be used not only in bed, but also in the occasion of gatherings.Wearing sexy sexy underwear at the party can make people better show their style, increase the atmosphere, and stimulate sexual desire.

Underwear self -comfort skills

Underwear self -comfort requires certain skills, such as stimulating sensitive parts, adjusting rhythm, and using sex toys.In the process of masturbation, you can adjust the rhythm according to your own feelings, maintain an appropriate process, and choose the appropriate sex toys to increase the stimulus.

Pay attention

There are many matters that need to be paid attention to underwear comfort. For example, choose the right underwear, underwear do not be too tight, and keep private hygiene.In addition, the self -comfort of underwear is a private behavior that should not be known by others, and pay attention to personal privacy protection.

in conclusion

Sex underwear is a form of expression of modern social culture. It can increase sexual stimulation and improve sexual interest.In the process of self -consolation of underwear, choose the right underwear, pay attention to hygiene, and maintain private privacy.In this way, you can better enjoy the joy and pleasure brought by the self -comfort of the underwear.

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