Interest underwear sample

Interest underwear sample

1 Introduction

Interesting underwear, as a sexual product, has been sought after since its emergence.It can not only enhance the stimulus and fun of sex, but also a way to express love.Major brands and manufacturers have launched different types of sexy underwear to meet the needs of different people.This article will briefly introduce several common sexy underwear.

2. Eye mask

Eye mask is a kind of sex item that can block sight. It uses different materials, such as silk, PU leather, etc. to increase interest.The main role of the eye mask is to make users feel stronger in the process of sex.At the same time, the eye mask can also improve the sensitivity of users to other body parts, making sex more interesting.

3. stockings

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Stockings are props commonly used in sex games. It can make women more sexy after putting on it. At the same time, it also has a significant visual stimulus effect, increasing men’s excitement.There are many options for stockings, such as nylon, polyester fiber, silk, etc. Among them, knitted stockings have better expansion and elasticity.

4. Simulation penis

Simulation penis is a sexy underwear that imitates male genitals, which is mainly used in women’s masturbation or sex games.The shape, size, material and other factors of the simulation penis affect the use effect.And the simulation penis also needs to be used with lubricants to increase the fun of users.

5. sex game props

Sex game props are a prop to increase the fun of sexual life, such as "tore my clothes", "massage sticks" and so on.They can allow couples to play more imagination in sex, increase interest and stimulus, and get venting in daily life.


The personal sexy underwear includes a variety of sexy underwear, milk stickers, lactating stickers, etc. These underwear posted on the body are mainly used for naked outfit, perspective, bikini and other interesting outfits.Users can choose different materials and styles according to their own needs to achieve the best results.

7. Interesting dress

Interesting dresses are a clothing product that is widely used in situations such as sex, sex games, etc., the main function is to increase interest and stimulus.Its style is rich and diverse, with common exposure, deep V, perspective, lace, etc., allowing people to become more sexy in sex after wearing it.


8. Men’s sexy underwear

Men’s sexy underwear is a kind of sexy product for men, mainly used to increase sexual stimulus and fun.There are usually various styles and materials, such as leather and silk.Men can choose different sexy underwear according to their needs to achieve the best results.

9. Summary

As a sexual product product, sexy underwear has been accepted and used by more and more people.In this field, the product has rich types and different functions, so users can choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.No matter what type of sexy underwear, the key is to increase the irritation and fun of sex, making people become happier and happier in sex.