In the 1980s, the sex underwear show


The 1980s was a period of popular lingerie shows. This feast surrounds sexy women from all corners of the world.

Sexy and luxurious

The sexy underwear show is sexy and luxurious. The designers cleverly use the high -end fabrics such as silk, lace, and yarn, fully showing women’s charming and sexy.

Extremely cut

In the 1980s’s sexy underwear shows, cutting technology is particularly important, and designers have pursued the ultimate pursuit of the version and details of the underwear.


Lace is one of the indispensable elements in sexy underwear. The exquisite lace pattern and perspective effect have added unlimited sexy charm to the underwear.

Saron style is also one of the essential elements of sexy underwear. The designers make good use of to cut a variety of clothing, which not only shows the feminine figure of women, but also highlights the sexy charm of women.

Ten European and American style

The underwear market in European and American countries has always been a global vane. In the sex underwear show, European and American style has become a mainstream trend and a fashion representative.

Sexy Goddess Stage

On the sexy underwear show, the luxurious stage, shiny lights and sexy music formed a perfect atmosphere. The sexy goddesses spilled their charm on the stage and pushed the whole show to a climax.

Diverse underwear style

In the 1980s, in the sexy underwear show, it is no longer limited to traditional bra and bottom pants, and more styles have emerged, such as diversified styles such as vests, suspenders, and jackets, which meet the different needs of women’s underwear.Essence

Sexy never grows old

In the 1980s, the erotic underwear show brought us countless classic design and image. Even in the field of underwear fashion today, these design elements still have an irreplaceable position.

Time circulation

Like other fashion items, sexy underwear has changed over time.We cannot stop in the 1980s, and we must follow the times, innovative design, and create fashionable underwear.


In the 1980s, the sexy underwear show, in terms of design and performance, or from the understanding of women’s beauty, left us an important historical heritage.Today we can get inspiration from it, let us inherit the essence of sexy and charming in the future design.

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