How to overdose a high -speed rail security inspection of sexy underwear

Brief introduction

With the increasing number of tourism and business travel, high -speed rail has become one of the first choice for people’s travel.However, for beautiful women, they choose beautiful sexy underwear and take care of the sex shop purchases, but they encounter the problem of luggage security inspection.How does sex underwear pass the high -speed rail security check?Here are several methods.

Wear -wearing sexy underwear

The sexy underwear of the outer -wearing type is a unique design of underwear. The coat of transparent lace allows you to wear this underwear.If you choose this type of sexy underwear, then you can wear it directly and don’t need to put it in your luggage.

Put the sexy underwear in hand luggage

If you put the sexy underwear in hand luggage, you need to notice the following points.First, choose a handbag that is not easy to expose.Secondly, choose a bag that can be sealed to install the underwear to avoid being found during the security check.Finally, put on underwear in cross to increase the weight of the luggage bag to avoid compression damage to the luggage.

Put sex underwear in checked luggage

This method is an effective choice for those who are not interested in sexy underwear.You need to use a sealed bag to place the sexy underwear in your luggage, and then mix with your clothes with underwear to cover them.This method is convenient for security personnel to look at the luggage.

Place items that are not easy to find in underwear

Putting items that are not easily found on underwear can achieve a hidden effect to some extent.For example, placing sanitary napkins or some cashmere bellybands in sexy underwear to increase their weight and volume.However, this method will cause doubts of security inspection personnel and use it carefully.

Reduce the number of sexy underwear

Try to reduce the number of sexy underwear in luggage, and only choose the most needed underwear for carrying.Too many underwear placed in the suitcase may attract the attention of security inspectors.

Hide sexy underwear in the suitcase

Interest underwear can be hidden at the top or bottom of the suitcase, which may make them safer.Hidden sexy underwear in the corner of the suitcase, plus some other items, making them difficult to find.

It is recommended to buy non -steel circle sexy underwear

The sexy underwear with the inside of the inside may be stopped by the security inspection equipment, so it is recommended to buy a steel -free sexy underwear.There are also some erotic underwear using non -metallic pocket -bone design, which can also reduce the probability of being intercepted by security equipment.

Understand the requirements of high -speed rail security inspection

Before travel, you need to understand the requirements of the high -speed rail security inspection and carefully read the relevant information about the official website.This helps you make better preparations before travel.

in conclusion

It is not difficult to bring sexy underwear in the high -speed rail security inspection. When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose a suitable and easy -to -carry style. You can understand the relevant security regulations before travel.It can help you make sexy underwear go through security checks.

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