How to disinfect in sexy underwear

How to disinfect in sexy underwear

How to disinfect in sexy underwear

In addition to being wearing it, sexy underwear needs frequent disinfection and cleaning to ensure hygiene.The wearer should pay attention to the following points:

1. See the guidance of the label clearly

When buying a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the material and cleaning guidance of the clothing.If it is marked on the label, hand washing, machine washing or drying, cleaning and disinfection according to the requirements on the label.

2. Full and concise cleaning

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When the sexy underwear is not washed, it can be simply cleaned according to its material.For example, some material’s sexy underwear can be soaked in water and then washed by hand.During the cleaning process, use neutral detergents and wash them with warm water.

3. Thorough disinfection process

After cleaning the fun underwear, disinfection is also an essential link.You can use a disinfection spray or wipe it with alcohol (alcohol wipe is not suitable for damaged materials).Be careful not to disinfect with hot water or high temperature, which may cause damage to the material of sex underwear.

4. Avoid sharing sexy underwear

Unlike ordinary clothes, sexy underwear is a special clothing that requires frequent cleaning and disinfection to ensure hygiene.Avoid using sexy underwear shared by others to avoid infection with other people’s diseases.Even if different women wear underwear, they will be affected by different constitutions and physical conditions. It is not recommended to share sex underwear.

5. Disinfection of waterproof and sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear may not be suitable for water washing. At this time, you can use a special sexy underwear disinfection to disinfect it.These disinfectants are suitable for sexy underwear of various models and materials, which can effectively remove membrane lobe, bacteria and viruses.When used, you need to soak the clothing in accordance with the instructions of the instructions, and then disinfect it after the appropriate time, temperature and concentration.Pay attention to use an appropriate amount of disinfectant instead of too much.

6. Can’t disinfect different materials of different materials in the same way

Sexy underwear of different materials requires different disinfection methods.For example, silk -made underwear is easily injured by hot water.The sexy underwear with lace needs to be treated more carefully, otherwise lace may be destroyed.Therefore, you should check the production material and choose the appropriate disinfection method before processing.

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7. Interesting underwear expires and cannot be used again

If the sexy underwear has expired, it should not be continued.Because the quality of over -expired erotic underwear will decrease sharply, disinfection cannot completely remove possible bacteria.Expired erotic underwear may not only affect personal health, but also affect its confidence.

8. Regularly update sexy underwear

Due to frequent cleaning and disinfection, the life of sexy underwear will be shortened.Therefore, it is necessary to replace sex underwear regularly. Generally, it is more appropriate to replace every six months to ensure personal hygiene.

In short, sexy underwear, as a special clothing, needs special attention to hygiene issues.Correct cleaning and disinfection, and often replacement can make your dress more healthy and comfortable.