Hangzhou sexy underwear recruitment

Hangzhou sexy underwear recruitment

Hangzhou sexy underwear recruitment -background introduction

As the leader in the field of sexy underwear in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Info Hangzhou has expanded its business rapidly in recent years, and market demand has continued to grow.In order to expand the market, the company plans to expand the scale of recruitment and Xinna talents.

Job demand

The company recruits various types of talents. It requires designers, Modal fabric technicians, e -commerce managers and other positions. The number of personnel is different. For details, please check the company’s recruitment information announcement.

Required skills

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Designers need to have a sexy, avant -garde, fashionable design concept, innovation awareness, creativity and painting skills; Modal fabric technicians need to have a understanding of Modal fabrics and skilled in useSome organizational coordination capabilities; e -commerce managers need to have a senior experience in e -commerce channels, and have a deep understanding of shopping processes and product display.

Admission requirements

The company’s recruiter has good teamwork, communication ability, and the ability to independently solve problems.Has a certain level of work experience and a high level of academic qualifications, and those with relevant practical experience are preferred.


The company conducts comprehensive consideration during the interview based on the ability and work experience of the candidate, and uniformly implement the annual salary system, including a fixed annual salary and performance bonus.


The company provides employees with comprehensive welfare guarantees. Employees enjoy the treatment of various insurances, occupational annuity, paid annual leave, regular medical examinations, birthday gifts, regular travel, various employee activities, free bus and employee catering.

Application method

Candidates please send the personal resume to the designated mailbox of the company. We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the resume. We will have further supplementary instructions or hiring intentions. We will communicate with you as quickly as possible.

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Interview arrangement

The company will give the appropriate candidate according to the resume and give the interview opportunity.The interview time will be determined with the candidate in advance. During the interview process, the candidates can make rational suggestions and their own ideas.

Hire process

After the interview, the company will evaluate the entry requirements of the candidates and review it.Through reviewers, the company will issue a formal invitation letter. Candidates will sign the employment contract and receive the company’s employment training on the premise that the company’s hiring conditions are resentful to agree with the company’s employment conditions.

Company expect

The company cherishes every employee, and looks forward to completing his work with a professional attitude, dedication, responsible work attitude and enthusiasm for work.


Interest underwear is a clothing with sexy, avant -garde, and fashion as design concepts. Market demand continues to grow with the increasing importance to underwear.For the recruitment of sexy underwear in Hangzhou, only by improving the quality of designers, production workers, and technical personnel, and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises can we develop steadily in the market.It is hoped that Hangzhou Fun Underwear Company can attract more talents, create more beautiful sexy underwear products, and bring more beautiful experiences to market players.