GQ Yang Ying’s full works

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GQ Yang Ying’s full works

Recently, GQ Magazine announced a set of sexy underwear movies shot by Yang Ying, which has attracted widespread attention.As the emergence of the fashion industry, Yang Ying not only has unique dresses, but also has unique insights in the choice of sexy underwear.Below, let’s follow GQ Yang Ying to explore various types of sexy underwear and feel the perfect combination of beauty and sexy.

Title 1: Childish and Fresh

Yang Ying wore a white lace sexy underwear, with a transparent light blue sweater and a rolled denim skirt, giving a sense of naiveity and freshness.This type of erotic underwear is suitable for petite women, making them show a naive side.

Title 2: Retro and Rich

Black lace plus golden trim is the representative of retro sexy underwear. This underwear not only shows a strong femininity, but also increases the retro taste.With a high -waisted skirt, it highlights the female curve.

Small title three: elegance and sexy

Pink -like underwear similar to a lattice shows the elegant and sweet side of women.Coupled with a black coat, it brings intriguing sexy.This type of erotic underwear can show the weakness and decoration of women, and it looks more charming and moving.

Title 4: Gathering and firming

Gathering and tightness is one of the demands pursued by women. At this point, this sexy underwear just meets the requirements.The design of the chest is very good, making the chest look taller and tight, and it is comfortable to wear.At the same time, the color of red is hotter.

Title 5: Sexy and nature

For women who like natural styles, the color of this sexy underwear is relatively soft, and it is basically white and light blue. These two colors not only conflict, but also give people a natural and fresh feeling.At the same time, the chest pads were canceled to make the chest show more real and natural.

Title 6: Light and charming

The bellyband -style sexy underwear is light and simple, which is very suitable for summer wear. The flower shape design of lace is very feminine.With a high -waisted dress, it gives a very charming feeling.

Title 7: Sexy and elegant

Lace top with high waist long skirt, emphasis on women’s waist lines, this sexy underwear shows a sense of sexy and elegant coexistence, which is very suitable for participating in the party and reception.

Title eight: disclose and sexy

The transparent black lace erotic underwear has a trace of revealing, but it is not exposed, giving a mysterious and sexy feeling, which can cater to many women of body types.

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The matching of sexy underwear needs to be selected according to different occasions and personal temperament.In this group of photos of GQ magazine, Yang Ying showed a variety of sexy underwear types, providing us with a lot of inspiration.Of course, it is important that the inner self -confidence and temperament are the real display of sexy underwear.

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