Douyin sex lingerie brand ranking first

Douyin erotic underwear is hot Behind: brand rankings

The sexy underwear video on Douyin is becoming more and more popular, and those who set up these videos are a group of sexy underwear brands.So, which brands are the most popular?Next, I will recommend the first few sexy underwear brands.

First place: Huaxin Niang underwear

On Douyin, Huaxin Niang underwear can be said to be the hottest brand.Its product line covers various styles and styles, which can meet the needs of different people.Entering the official website of Huaxin Niang’s underwear, you can choose different types of underwear, such as beautiful back underwear, no trace underwear, gathered underwear, sexy lingerie, etc. This is the advantage of his brand.

Second place: Chicken Cat

Chicken and cat underwear are also one of the popular brands on the Douyin platform.In addition to the product itself, its publicity is also very characteristic, using a funny form to attract consumers’ attention.And chickens and cats involve some popular elements, such as cartoons, stalks, etc., which are popular with young people.

Third place: cute multi -underwear

Cute multi -underwear brand comes from Taiwan. It is a cute design brand.Its underwear design style is very unique, full of childlike and cartoon atmosphere, which often makes people fall in love at first sight.At the same time, the materials and workmanship of cute and multi -underwear are very good, and the quality assurance is available.

Fourth place: manzi underwear

Manzi underwear is a company that is good at producing all kinds of beautiful leg pants and socks.The Inside Manzi series of underwear is very popular. The sexy lingerie styles launched are bright and unique, which makes people shine.

Fifth place: love some things

Some things of LOVE underwear are fashionable, exaggerated, and avant -garde brand propaganda methods, showing the design of sensual, romantic, and fashionable clothing.During the fashion weeks of the brand during the fashion week at home and abroad, the series has won the industry’s reputation, and many stars are also loyal users of its family.

Sixth place: Roomfun sexy underwear

Roomfun sexy underwear is a brand focusing on sexy underwear design, production, and sales. It takes the principles of art, fashion, practicality, and personalization as its criteria.The charm of Roomfun’s sexy underwear is that it is not only a symbol of fashion, but also a private partner for women.

Seventh place: Tena underwear

TENA underwear is positioned as high -quality, high -grade underwear brands, which focuses on two demands of comfort and health.In terms of quality and comfort, the product is quite competitive, and the quality and fabrics do not contain silicon, benzene and carbon, which is very safe and healthy.

Eighth: Syrokan underwear

Syrokan underwear product lines are mainly movement and shaping, and also launched products for underwear and sexy underwear.Its underwear is mainly sporty and pants. The cloth absorbs sweat and breathable, soft and comfortable in texture, so it is favored by consumers.

Ninth place: Aryanlingerie

Aryanlingerie’s erotic underwear combines the concept of postmodern art and fashion. The materials used are from all over the world. The product is a pure, natural blue in the underground mineral water for a long time.a feeling of.

Tenth: DAIMI underwear

DAIMI underwear is very unique in product design. Its products have multiple modes and ten flashes. Different types of sexy underwear also have different types of vibration feelings, making the use experience excellent.


There is no doubt that the current sex underwear brands have attracted more and more attention from consumers, and more and more brands have already occupied a certain share in the market.However, the rise of this consumer demand also reminds us that we are responsible for our health.It is the most important thing to combine personal needs and carefully.

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