Belly Bades Fun Underwear

Belly Bades Fun Underwear

Belly Badao Fun Underwear Taobao: Sexy and generous coexistence preferred

What is the bellyband sexy underwear

The sexy underwear of the bellyband is a special style of sexy underwear covered with a special style covering the chest and abdomen. It usually has a variety of different styles and colors, suitable for a variety of different figures and styles.It has found a perfect balance between sexy and generous, and is the best way to show the sexy and confidence to the partner.

The selection of belly pocket sex lingerie on Taobao

When buying belly pockets on Taobao online, some precautions can help you choose the right style and size:

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Check the sequence of the seller’s reputation, choose a seller with high praise rate and smooth sales.

Check the detailed description and picture of the product, especially the description of size and materials.

Read the comments from other buyers to understand the actual effects and wearing comfort of the product.

Stomatoscopic underwear style and color

Bellybuyster sex lingerie can be used for various occasions, so there are many different styles and colors to choose from:

Traditional style: These bellybands are simple and classic, and the colors are usually black or red.

Riveting style: These bellybands contain some metal rivets, showing a unique style and fashion sense.

Hollow and transparent styles: These bellybands have open chest and abdominal areas, while using transparent or deliberately designed materials to create sexy effects.

Stand -style style: These bellybands use thin ropes or bars tied tied to the belly area to create a sexy appearance.


The size of the sexy lingerie of the bellyband

Because the sexual lingerie of the bellyband is usually a very close underwear, choosing the right size is particularly important.The following steps can help you measure the correct size:

Measure the lower bust: Use the ruler to surround the widest part of the chest behind the back to get an accurate size.

Measurement: Put the ruler in the most plump chest and record the measurement value.

Measure the waist circumference: the measured ruler is bypassed the narrow part of the abdomen and records the measurement value.

How to match the belly pockets and sexy underwear

Belly -belly sexy underwear can be paired with the following clothing:

Short skirts or shorts: These clothing can show the charm of the sexy underwear in the bellyband, but also wears comfortable and convenient.

Personal dress: The dresses can mix and match with the sexy style of the sexy underwear in the bellyband to show different effects.

Low -cut jacket or cardigan: The sexy contrasting effect of sexy underwear with the bellyband can produce unexpected effects and breakthroughs.

How to wash the bellyband sexy underwear

Funny underwear should pay special attention, because it is a special exquisite underwear.Merchants usually provide the washing instructions for the stomachache’s sexy underwear.

Hand washing: Hand washing is the most secure and not harmful method.

Separate washing: Avoid mixing the sexy underwear with other clothes with other clothes.

Low -temperature washing: Use mild cleaner, and the temperature should not be too high.

Avoid drying and exposure to the sun: Just dry it. Do not soak the bellyband’s sexy underwear in the water for too long.

The accessories of the belly pocket sex lingerie

Accessories can make the bellyband sexy underwear more perfect and attractive.Here are some accessories that can be paired with belly pockets:

High -heeled shoes: high heels can make the legs long and sexy, adding additional charm to the entire shape.

Gloves: Gloves can increase the retro feeling of belly pockets, but also have a sense of sexy and fashion.

Stockings: In cold weather, wearing stockings can warm the legs and increase sexy and elegant temperament.

Value of Funny underwear in the bellyband

Belly Bades sexy underwear is a very personalized clothing, which allows you to show your sexy and confidence to the world.Although its life span is relatively short, its value is to make you feel closer and comfortable to your partner to some extent.

in conclusion

Taobao provides many different styles, colors and sizes on the bellyband sexy underwear.Although the choice of belly pockets for sexy underwear may be a challenge, choosing the correct style and the appropriate size are indeed worth investing.Choose a good belly pocket sexy underwear to make you more sexy and confident at important moments.