5 yuan sexy underwear funny

5 yuan sexy underwear funny

5 yuan sexy underwear funny

1. Nude temptation

There is no color, and the sexy underwear of the skin is very sexy.However, if it is matched with a nude trench coat, it looks like seduce people, and I want to laugh a little.

2. Butterfly strap

This kind of sexy underwear should be wrapped around the chest with a thin band, which can outline the sexy curve.However, the author will fall off if you receive a little patted or swinging. People wearing this underwear need to keep staring at all times, otherwise they will show their stuffing.

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3. Flower lace

Flower lace sexy underwear is a very common type. The patterns of flowers and the material of lace are very feminine.However, sellers will use "free shipping" in product descriptions to attract people’s attention.But in fact, the courier fee is also very expensive, so the final price is higher than other sexy underwear.

4. Transparent mesh

Transparent network sexy underwear seems to be a type of love by men because it shows the outline of women’s bodies.However, it should be noted that you need to match the appropriate underwear when wearing, otherwise it is easy to make people feel difficult and I don’t know where to see.

5. Two ears rabbit girl

The two -eared rabbit female lingerie is the design of imitating the ears of the rabbit, plus some irritating details to match the funny sex style.However, if it is not a sex party, wearing this underwear will make people feel funny.

6. Cartoon role

This kind of sexy underwear contains a cartoon character in the clothing, which is very cute and suitable for sex.However, if it is not a sex party, wearing this underwear will make people feel funny.

7. Gift box

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On some sexy underwear shops or e -commerce platforms, you can buy sexy underwear for gift boxes.However, everyone must pay attention to it. When you want to give it to friends in the future, you must open a look to avoid finding unusual gifts in it.

8. Cheap and afford

Many sexy underwear is not expensive now, and some can be bought as long as five or six yuan.However, don’t be confused by the price. The quality of these low -priced erotic underwear is not very good. Wearing it for a long time will be damaged and deformed.

9. Printed letter

This kind of sexy lingerie is printed with letters, and sometimes it also has funny elements, which can increase the atmosphere of sex occasions.However, if wearing this underwear to go shopping or work, it will make people feel more different.

10. embellishment

Interest underwear must be embellished in order to highlight the interesting position.However, if it is too vulgar and exaggerated, it will give people a sense of injustice and unbelievable.

Summary point of view: Interest underwear itself is an entertainment and creative product. With funny elements, it can increase its fun.However, the author should take into account the occasion and atmosphere, and do not let the underwear lose its interest.