Will you wear a messy underwear if you have a bad figure?

1 Introduction

In today’s society, sexy underwear is no longer a pure sexual product, but has become an emerging trend in the fashion industry.Putting on sex underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence, show their charm, and become a beautiful landscape.

2. Is the figure that is not good for wearing fun underwear

Many women have doubts about whether they are suitable for wearing sexy underwear.Many women think that their figure is not perfect, and wearing sexy underwear will only highlight the defects and become more unconfident.

3. Interesting underwear is not just to attract the attention of others

I think this idea is wrong.Wearing sexy underwear is not necessarily to make others pay attention to their own figure defects, but to show their sexy charm and confident image.

4. Classic style is suitable for everyone

For women with poor figure, you can choose some classic styles.These styles are suitable for everyone and can effectively make up for the defects in the figure.

5. The choice of materials and texture is very important

In addition to the choice of style, materials and texture are also very critical.First of all, the fabric should be soft and comfortable, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.Secondly, choose fabrics with good breathability so that you can breathe the skin and avoid causing allergies.

6. The choice of size cannot be ignored

The choice of size is also very important.The wrong size will make the underwear unfinctorate, affecting the overall effect of the underwear.Especially for women with bad figures, wearing a suitable size can better modify the shape.

7. You can avoid embarrassment to wear skills

If you are worried that your body is not good, you can take some wearing skills to avoid embarrassment.For example, select a soft jacket or top, so that you can perfectly cover the flaws of the underwear and present perfect lines.

8. Pay attention to the dew point problem

Pay attention to the exposure problem when wearing sex underwear.Although sexy underwear is sexy, you must pay attention not to dew, otherwise it will look indecent.

9. Confidence is the best dress

Finally, if you want to wear sexy charm and self -confidence, the most important thing is self -confidence.Only when you really like yourself and recognize yourself can you wear the most beautiful results and become a beautiful landscape.

10. Conclusion

In short, women with bad figures can also wear sexy underwear. As long as they choose styles and sizes that are suitable for their shape, pay attention to texture, wear, and dew points. The most important thing is to have self -confidence to show their most beautiful side.Essence

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