Who is Taobao sex underwear shop model?

1 Introduction

In recent years, with the gradual heating up in the sexual product market, Taobao stores have also begun to emerge.Among them, the number of Taobao sex underwear shops mostly.Models of these shops often attract a large number of consumers’ attention. However, who these models are, but few people pay attention.This article will reveal this mystery for you.

2. Brand model

Some models of sexy underwear shops are not invited, but the brand’s own models.These models are often professional models, with rich shooting experience, and the pictures provided are more expressive and artistic.However, due to the high requirements of the brand, the prices of these models are often expensive.

3. Plane model

Unlike brand models, some models of Taobao sex underwear stores are not professional models, but plane models recruited from social networks or beautiful photography platforms.These models are generally younger and less experienced in shooting, but because of their natural beauty, the results are also better.Due to the relatively low cost of shooting, the prices of these plane models will not be too high.

4. Net celebrity model

With the popularity of live broadcasts and the rise of social media, more and more Internet celebrities have begun to get involved in the sex underwear industry and become the darling of Taobao sex lingerie stores.These Internet celebrity models generally have a strong popularity and fan foundation. Merchants often use their endorsement products to get more exposure and attention.However, due to the high cost of online celebrities, this is also reflected in its endorsement products, and the price is often relatively high.

5. Amateur plane model

In addition to graphic models and Internet celebrity models, there are some amateur plane models participating in the shooting of sexy lingerie shops.These models are often some amateur enthusiasts who are interested in photography. They participate in shooting for the purpose of interested, earning pocket money or enhanced personal image.Although its professional level is not as good as professional models, due to the relatively low cost of shooting, some small sexy underwear shops will choose to use photos of such amateur plane models.

6. Real customer model

Some small sexy underwear shops choose to use real customers as model photos.These customers are often loyal fans of the store, or voluntarily upload photos for their performance.Because these photos have affinity and authenticity, some consumers are more inclined to choose the products of these stores.Of course, the store has not found the commercial value of marketing marketing by real customers.

7. Picture synthesis model

In order to reduce the cost of model shooting, some sexy underwear shops use picture synthesis to make model photos.This method cuts, adjusts, and stitch the model’s face and body parts to form a complete model image.Although this method saves the cost of shooting, the authenticity of the pictures has also been questioned. Many consumers do not like this type of model photos.

8. Summary

Whether it is brand models, graphic models, Internet celebrity models, amateur plane models, real customer models, and picture synthetic models, they all appear in the advertising promotion of Taobao sex underwear stores in different ways.However, when buying products, in addition to the image of the model, it is also necessary to pay attention to practical problems such as the quality and price of the product.

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