Who has seen the sexy underwear?

What should I know before wearing sex underwear?

Interest underwear is a clothing designed to enhance sexy and make the heart fiery.Putting on a sexy underwear makes people more confident and sexy, but you still need to pay attention to a few points before choosing:

Choose a style that suits you, it is not recommended to pursue gorgeous and over -exposed model styles

Choose the right size, suitable for your own body

Choose comfortable fabrics to avoid affecting the overall dressing experience

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for different occasions

Different occasions need to wear different styles of sexy underwear. Here we list several cases of wearing suggestions:

Dating: It is recommended to wear dark career and low -key pattern underwear

Bar party: open personality or sexy exposure style, such as hollow fairy, fish net, etc.

Family gathering: You can choose elegant and elegant styles such as soft or multiple underwear

How to truly present sexy shirts

It is important to truly present sex underwear to the beauty and sexy degree of underwear. The following suggestions may help you:

Choose the right color tone and light

Choose professional shooting equipment and capture time

The cover and stem shooting of the clothes

How to maintain reasonable sex underwear

Sexy underwear needs to be carefully managed. The following suggestions can make underwear wears more durable and reliable:

Wash with neutral cleaning agent

Don’t rub the appearance materials too much

Hand washing and drying to avoid damage or deformation

Wrong erotic underwear matching

Some matching will not look tunes, you need to avoid, for example:

When wearing a fitted underwear, because of irregular clothes, it is recommended to choose a slightly loose style outside clothes.

When wearing a high -necked top/dress, the selective sexy underwear will still appear uncoordinated. It is recommended to choose a deep V -neck or sexy low -cut chest

When wearing clothes with pattern patterns, underwear cannot be too fancy. It is more appropriate to choose a refreshing underwear

How to appreciate sexy underwear between husband and wife

Interest underwear is not just an imported item. Family couples can also enjoy and share happiness together and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

Looking naked, adjusting comfortable distance and angle

Use the mask assistant to protect personal privacy

You can use sex props to further sublimate the relationship between the two people

How to unify in the heart and heart

Good taste of sexy underwear needs to be unified with your own heart when wearing. The following aspects can be referred to:

However, it emphasizes sexy, and should focus on being close to nature and health.

We can choose some more neutral styles, such as underwear with cartoon character patterns

Psychological adjustment, eliminating the thoughts that are too impetuous or too exposed, and achieve reasonable unity in the three aspects of internal, middle and external

How to choose a bra and underwear

When you wear sexy underwear, you need to choose the bra and underwear correctly. The following lists are listed:

Choose the right size, don’t choose underwear that is smaller than your own size

The bra can choose or no mat or a cup of light cups according to your needs

Sexy underwear should be avoided as much as possible and large, it is better to use all cotton and personal small pieces.

The best sexy lingerie wearing effect

It looks confident and sexy to put on sexy underwear to give full play to its biggest potential.Let’s share two suggestions to help wear:

Provide yourself with a complete and sexy shape, and choose the appropriate outer clothing to show your confidence and charm, such as trying suit short skirts or trousers and other clothing.

When wearing underwear, be sure to relax and maintain confidence and beautiful attitude.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is not only an item that improves sexual interests and meet private needs, but also a good choice to enhance personality charm and beautiful figure.Wearing underwear can upgrade your image, add confidence and wisdom, and make yourself feel more confident and self -self.

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