Where to make fun underwear videos?


Recently, many people are very interested in sexy underwear videos. Some people want to learn how to wear sexy underwear, some people want to feel sexy, and some people want to buy sexy underwear but want to see the effect first.Some people want to know where to find these video resources, let’s discuss this problem below.

Adult sex website

On the adult sex website, many merchants will upload the trial video and model display videos of sexy underwear.These videos not only demonstrated the appearance and effect of sexy underwear, but also made the audience see the effect of real people.Therefore, many people choose to watch these videos on the adult sex website.

Video social platform

In addition to adult sex sites, many video social platforms also have fun underwear -related videos.On the platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, many users will share their own wearing experiences and experiences by publishing sexy underwear -related videos. These videos are good learning materials.

Self -media platform

The media platform is also a good way to get sexy underwear videos.Many erotic underwear bloggers will post sexy underwear videos on platforms such as YouTube and Bilibili. These videos can not only be used for users to learn and watch, but also provide users with purchase suggestions and strategies.

Get when buying sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, merchants usually provide underwear display videos.These videos are often shot by model wearing the underwear. Users can watch these videos to understand the materials, size, and wearing effects of the underwear.Therefore, it is also a good way to get a video when buying a sexy underwear.

Sex underwear Live

With the popularity of live broadcast technology, many sexy underwear merchants have begun to show consumers their products through live broadcast platforms.During the live broadcast, merchants will introduce underwear, try on, and answer user questions. The audience can not only see the appearance of underwear intuitively, but also understand the details and effects of underwear.

Offline shop trial

If you pay more attention to the actual wear effect of sexy underwear, you can choose to go directly to offline sex underwear shops for trial.The clerk will provide you with professional care and suggestions. You can also enjoy the process of trying on the store and feel the effect of sexy underwear.

Sharing of dating platforms

On some dating platforms, users will also share some front photos and trial photos of sexy underwear.Through these photos, you can not only understand the appearance effect of love underwear, but also see the effects and changes after the real people wear.However, the source and authenticity of the shared information requires a certain amount of consideration.

Introduction to the shopping guide website

There are also some shopping guide websites that will bring together display videos and trial videos of various sexy underwear merchants to provide users for comparison and selection.However, when choosing a shopping guide website, you need to pay attention to reliability and authority to avoid mistakenly entered the trap of some bad merchants.

Get from the circle of friends

If some friends prefer to try all kinds of sexy underwear, you can also try to get related videos from their circle of friends.In these videos, you can not only see the effects of friends, but also get some suggestions for purchasing or tried penetration from them.


In summary, we can obtain on adult erotic websites, video social platforms, self -media platforms, when buying sexy underwear, sex lingerie live broadcast, offline shop trial penetration, sharing of dating platforms, shopping guide website introduction, and circle of friends circle.Interest underwear videos.We can choose the corresponding way and need to obtain the sexy underwear videos that are suitable for ourselves according to our preferences and needs.

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