Where is the source of sexy lingerie?

Where is the source of sex underwear?

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to their private life. Interesting underwear, as a product that can enhance sexy and interesting, has attracted much attention.However, for those who want to enter the sex underwear industry, how to choose a supply place is a big problem.In this article, we will introduce several important options for the source of sexy underwear.

1. Domestic production

Domestic production is the first choice for many sexy lingerie brands.On the one hand, domestic production costs are low, production efficiency is high, and can meet the supply of brand goods; on the other hand, domestic production is very convenient for after -sales service and quality supervision.

2. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan production

The sexy underwear produced by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is better in terms of craftsmanship, design, and quality.Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have a good economic environment, rigorous corporate management, and can ensure the quality of commodities.At the same time, the sexy underwear design in these areas is very distinctive and can meet the needs of different people.

3. Production

Due to natural cultural advantages in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other regions, the design style is very unique.The brands in these areas are more popular in the international market, but the price of the product is correspondingly high.If you choose the source of these areas, consider the cost and price of import circulation.

4. foundry

In order to reduce costs, many brands have chosen the way foundry.OEMs are usually some Asian countries, such as Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and other places.In the selection of founders, comprehensive factors in many aspects such as production capacity, production technology, management level, and after -sales service need to be considered.

5. Logistics Center

The logistics center can also be used as a source of supply.The characteristics of the logistics center are that there are many types of goods, which can meet the various needs of the brand.At the same time, the after -sales service system of the logistics center is very complete, which can ensure the after -sales protection of the brand.

6. Network platform

In the Internet era, online platforms have become one of the most important business channels.Many sexy underwear brands also choose to sell their own products through major online platforms.The advantages of purchasing source sites through the network platform are cheap price, rich supply, convenient purchase, fast start.

7. Show purchase

The purchase of the exhibition can be said to be a major feature of the sex underwear industry.Every year, there are many sex underwear exhibitions, and the brand can find the source of the supply of their needs at the exhibition.Moreover, participating exhibitions can also be exposed to more industry insiders and master industry developments and trends.

8. Recommended friends

The people around or the predecessor of the industry may also help you find the source place.Moreover, through the recommendation of friends, you can learn more about the market conditions, sales data, and quality issues of related sexy underwear products.

In summary, the selection of sexy underwear sources needs to consider multiple factors, such as cost, product quality, after -sales service, market platforms and circulation channels, and so on.Different options will bring different business opportunities to brand vendors, and ultimately they must be considered according to their actual situation.

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