Where is the sexy underwear hidden?

Interest underwear refers to clothing that specializes in sex and sexy, and often considers the skin’s touch and visual temptation in design.However, due to the variety of types and different shapes, novices will inevitably do not know their details and characteristics.So when you choose, where is the hidden in sex underwear, you will answer it below.


In sexy and interesting underwear, corset is the most common, and there are many options in terms of style.There are three common types: conjoined, hip -lifting, and diamond beaded.Among them, the continuous form is an integrated underwear formed by connecting the top and the pants; and the hip -hip -up type is to form a unique "hip -up" effect on the hips, which is very teasing;From Oriental Classical Culture, the use of small beads into a beautiful pattern gives a unique and charming feeling.


Through pants are a different kind of sexy underwear. The sexy part is to expose the hips, perfectly showing the more charming side of women.In addition, thong also has the matching method of corsets and underwear, which can be changed to the dressing experience according to the seasons and occasions.

Hollow underwear

Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear uses more transparent and flexible materials.The hollow underwear is used in it. Its design is inspired by sculpture art. Through carving or tailoring, different shapes are created on the front and sides of the underwear.Enhance the design sense of sexy underwear.

Belly Board/Benefit

Beltails and bodies are designed in design to be more perfectly designed to present women’s figures.The bellyband often refers to underwear with a waist or hanging neck style with a specific shape, and the body coat often includes two upper and lower pieces. It can better show the cleavage and waist and hip lines, and highlight the beauty of women.


In addition to the underwear on the upper body, the stockings on the lower body are also an indispensable part of sexy underwear.Classic styles include black stockings, hollowed out stockings, and mesh stockings, which can be matched with the sexy underwear of the upper body to form a different sexy atmosphere.

Chest sticker

A chest stickers often refer to special materials that can cover the key parts of women, and can provide women with basic cover and support without wearing underwear.Among them, the silicone chest sticker is a common style. When used, you only need to pat it gently on the outside of the nipple and below and near the skin.

Erotic pajama

Interest pajamas are also a good choice to add fun.Compared with ordinary pajamas, sex pajamas are more sexy in style, and the material also uses softer and transparent fabrics.In summer, the transparent bra with a soft silk short nightgrown can make the whole night full of romance and temptation.


In order to be more beautiful and sexy, it is also necessary to match the suitable accessories with sexy underwear.In sexy underwear, the more commonly used parts include sexy handcuffs, mouthball, necklace, waist or embroidery veil and so on.


In general, sexy underwear is not just a simple dress, it is more a kind of attitude to show women’s charming, beautiful, and sexy attitude.When selecting, you can choose the corresponding styles and matching according to different uses and needs to achieve the effect of less effort.At the same time, with a variety of suitable accessories, the sexy degree of sexy underwear will be even higher.

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