What should I do if my boyfriend sends me sexy underwear?

1. What should I do if my boyfriend sends me sexy underwear

It is not a rare thing to receive the sexy underwear sent by her boyfriend, but sometimes this move makes women feel confused and do not know how to deal with it.If you are in this case, don’t worry.Next I will tell you how to deal with this embarrassing situation.

2. Understand the boyfriend’s intention

First of all, you must understand your boyfriend’s intention to send you sexy underwear.My boyfriend sent you a fun underwear is not implying that your body or wearing is not good enough, and it is more likely to stimulate your psychology and emotion.Sex underwear is designed to increase sexual stimulation, so don’t pay too much attention to its appearance or whether it meets your taste.

3. Try to put it on and see

Since your boyfriend has sent you a sexy underwear, in order to experience its sexy and exciting, you can consider you to try it yourself.This is not only an opportunity to try new things, but also may make you unexpectedly discover some new feelings.

4. Don’t force yourself to wear it yourself

If you really don’t want to wear it, or have a certain conflict with sexy underwear, don’t force it to wear it yourself.Sex is a pleasant thing that should not make yourself uncomfortable or heavy.It is necessary to communicate with your partner frankly.

5. Open with your boyfriend about your thoughts

If you have doubts about your boyfriend’s sexy underwear, or if you are not sure how to deal with this gift, you can choose to communicate with him sincerely.This can not only help you better understand your boyfriend’s intention, but also better protect your own rights.

6. Try to change a color or style

If you are not very satisfied with your boyfriend’s erotic underwear, or if you want to try other sexy underwear, you can consider telling your boyfriend your boyfriend quietly.You can buy other different colors or styles of sexy underwear together.

7. It may enhance your relationship between you

When it comes to sexual topics, it is undoubtedly a way to enhance your relationship.My boyfriend sends you sexy underwear, which is a way to show you his more exploration, and it is also a way to closer your feelings.If you can be frank on this topic, your relationship may be more stable.

8. Suggestions about sending sexy underwear to her boyfriend

Like your boyfriend, you can also think from the opposite direction to send him a sexy underwear.You may wish to try to add some freshness in this way and promote the exploration of you.But it should be noted that don’t give him too much productive taste, otherwise your feelings may be destroyed.

9. Conclusion

My boyfriend to send you sexy underwear is an opportunity to explorate a richer relationship, and it is also an opportunity to enhance your feelings.Therefore, don’t despise this gift, but to deal with it well, and be honest with your boyfriend to communicate with each other’s ideas.

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