What is the name of selling sexy underwear stores?


It is one of the issues that must be solved before opening a store.Especially for sexy underwear shops, because the nature and product characteristics of the store need to be expressed from the name.This article will introduce several methods and techniques for selling sexy underwear stores to help operators quickly find the name of the store that meets their own style.

Method 1: Informatious naming

Informatious name is named the shop in descriptive words.It can be named by product use, characteristics, positioning, or area.

For example, you can use "sexy babies" and "fragrant love" vocabulary to express sexy underwear related to sexy.

In addition, it can be named according to the characteristics of the product, such as "perspective", the indispensable "lace" element, and the intoxicating "tulle".

Method two: single character name

Naming with a single character can greatly improve the recognition of the store.For example, it can be named by meaningful letters or numbers.For example, you can choose the letter combination "LY", "MX", "MM", etc., and can also use the numbers "520", "365", "007" and so on.

Method 3: Use people and place names

With the help of the place name or person name, it can highlight the regional or personalized characteristics of the store.

The place name can be taken in this place name, or extended in the relevant characteristics of the city, such as "Hong Kong Temptation" and "Paris Love".

In addition, you can also use the names or nicknames of the well -known figures to symbolize the special meaning of the brand or based on certain historical events.For example, "Marilyn Love" and so on.

Method 4: Creative name

In addition to the above methods, it can also be named the shop creatively. This method has strong visual impact and is more likely to attract customers’ attention.You can use the style of artistic conception, poetry, and other styles.

For example, for consumers who like literary style, you can take the name of the store as "the heart of matcha" and "infinite fate".This is not only more cultural, but also increases the cultural connotation of the brand.

Method 5: Name it for a long time

A smooth and pleasant store name can make people forget.This method can be combined with rhythm or first letters.

For example, "seven -color charm" and "loud and intoxicated", etc., can not only increase the smoothness of the store name, but also be more likely to remember the brand name as soon as possible by consumers.

Method 6: International Naming

Using English or other foreign languages to name shops, this method has a wider degree of language recognition and closer to modern trends.

For example, "Red Peach", "EROS", "LACE UP", etc., use English spelling or translation to name the shop.

Precautions for naming

No matter what ways are adopted to name the shop, you need to comply with some guidelines.

The store name should be strongly expressed to the nature of the store, so that customers can see what the store sells at a glance.

The name must be brief and eloquent, which is convenient for memory and mirroring.

Please do not be too outrageous, indecent or negative to avoid affecting the brand image.

in conclusion

When opening a sexy underwear shop, it plays a store name that is in line with your own shop nature and characteristics. It is an important way to improve brand recognition and store attractiveness.

This article introduces several common sexy underwear shop naming methods to help the opening of the stores convey the nature and characteristics of the store from the store name.Through the above methods, you can definitely find a store name that conforms to your own style, good memory and nice.

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