What do you say to ask your wife to wear a sexy underwear?

What should I say if I want my wife to wear fun underwear?

For many men, sexy underwear is an interesting and exciting sex tool, which can increase the fun and excitement of sex.However, for some women, wearing erotic underwear may feel a little embarrassed and uneasy, especially for women who have never had such experience.So, if you want your wife or girlfriend to wear sexy underwear, how should you convince her?

First of all

Before you talk about sexy underwear with your wife or girlfriend, you need to have a certain understanding of the types of sexy underwear.Interest underwear is usually divided into several different types, such as sexy underwear, pajamas, role -playing and suits.Each type of erotic underwear has different uses and characteristics, so when choosing sexy underwear, you need to choose according to the needs and preferences of your female companion.

Require requests in a relaxed and happy way

It is a relatively private thing to ask your wife or girlfriend to wear a sexy underwear, so you need to make a request in a relaxed and pleasant way.For example, on a romantic and pleasant night, you can hint to her, and stated that you feel that sexy underwear will increase sex and excitement.Of course, before making a request, you need to confirm her attitude towards this to avoid embarrassing and unnecessary misunderstandings.

Express the charm of sexy underwear

When you ask your female companion to wear sexy underwear, you should express the charm of sexy underwear, such as their design, tailoring, and materials that make women more sexy, sexy, charming and confident.In other words, sexy underwear is a kind of thing that can make women feel feminine. With some specific cases or pictures, she can better stimulate her interest.

Respect the woman’s thoughts and opinions

Although you want your wife or girlfriend to wear fun underwear, you need to respect her thoughts and opinions.If she is resistant or unwilling to try, you need to accept and respect her choice.After all, the relationship between physical and sex is a private thing, and people have the right to have their own options.

Find the right erotic underwear

Many women have some speculation about the significance of sexy underwear, and they will resist emotions.You can find some suitable erotic underwear to make her more confident.Some sexy underwear is sexy even if the style is sexy, and the sexy is more low -key, such as dark blue and black styles, which are more likely to make people accept the concept of sexy underwear.In addition, for novices, it is also a very good choice for easy to wear comfortable and non -resistant sexy underwear.

Buy fun shown in advance

If you have determined that your female companion is willing to try to wear sexy underwear, then you need to buy a suitable sexy underwear in advance.This can not only avoid the loss of "fighting aspirations" due to excessive thinking time in the process, but also to prevent individual women from conflicting before wearing because of shyness, which will affect the normal process.And the right sexy underwear is not necessarily the most expensive or gorgeous. It is important that it can make her comfortable and natural, add sexual love, and at the same time meet your needs.

Keep enthusiasm and romance

After you successfully let your female companion put on sexy underwear, you should maintain enthusiasm and romance.Use caressing, sweet words, and other gentle ways to make her feel comfortable and happy, leaving beautiful memories.At the same time, you can also try more new postures and skills to increase your stimulus and pleasure on the premise of making her comfortable.

Why should you try to wear a messy underwear?

Wearing sexy underwear can increase the fun and excitement of sex. In the process, it is easier for both parties to relax themselves and feel more happiness.Especially for couples or long -term lover, wearing sexy underwear can help them increase their freshness and passion and better maintain relationships with each other.Therefore, in the right time and circumstances, please put on a sexy underwear to enjoy a unique sex experience.

Finally, whether you want to let your female companion wear sexy underwear or do other things, it is very important to respect, understand and communicate.Only two people feel comfortable and pleasant to have a better sex experience.

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