What are the stores in Guangdong sex underwear wholesale market?

What are the stores in Guangdong sex underwear wholesale market?

With the increasing demand for fun life, the market demand for sex underwear is increasing.In the Guangdong region that has been deeply cultivating the sexy underwear market for many years, the erotic underwear wholesale market has gradually formed.This article will introduce the store situation of the Guangdong sex underwear wholesale market.

1. Daytime Sexy Lingerie Shop

During the day, goose sex lingerie stores are one of the largest sexy underwear wholesale companies in Guangzhou and have a good reputation.The shop’s products are mainly based on the European and American style, and at the same time, it has won the favor of many consumers with rich types and high -quality services.

2. Rose sex lingerie culture square

Rose Info Lingerie Culture Plaza is located in the city of Foshan. It is a comprehensive sexy underwear city that integrates the wholesale, retail, processing, proxy, display, exchanges, and education.The store covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and has thousands of well -known brand sexy underwear manufacturers at home and abroad.

3. Ai Wei Yi Yiyi Underwear Shop

Ai Wei Yiyi is a sexy underwear wholesale store in Guangzhou, with a sexy underwear product from all over the country.Store products are mainly niche styles and high quality, which is the first choice for many sexy underwear enthusiasts.

4. Proud flowers and erotic underwear shops

As Dongguan’s largest sexy underwear wholesale company, proud flowers and sex lingerie shops are not only in Guangdong, but also well -known in the country.The target consumer group of the store is positioned at 20-40 years old, mainly sexy, comfortable, fashionable, and personalized brand sexy underwear.

5. Ziwei sexy underwear shop

Lagerstroemia sex underwear shop is located in the city of Foshan. It is a wholesale store that specializes in selling imported erotic underwear. The products of the shop are high -end sexy styles of silk, lace, tulle and other fabrics.The products of the store are excellent, so they have won the trust and praise of consumers.


Gorgeous Simpling Lingerie Shop is located in the city of Huizhou. It is a popular sexy underwear wholesale company. The main products cover all kinds of sexy underwear, and the price is close to the people.The business philosophy of the store is that everyone may enjoy high -quality and sexy sexy underwear.

7. Blue Diamond Sex Underwear Shop

Blue Diamond Sex Underwear Shop is a sexy underwear wholesale company in Dongguan. It specializes in the wholesale and sales of erotic underwear.The shop’s products are mainly sexy, fashionable and unique, with the majority of customer bases, and have a great influence in the industry.

8. Yueyou sexy underwear shop

Yueyou sexy underwear shop is located in the urban area of Guangzhou. It is a professional sexy underwear wholesale store.The products of the store are mainly exquisite, cute, fashionable, and sexy. They have sexy lingerie styles suitable for different ages, different gender, and various body shapes, and have won widespread praise.

9. Xiaoyingfu sexy underwear shop

Xiao Xingfu’s sexy underwear store is a sexy underwear wholesale seller in Shenzhen, with a complete sexy underwear product line, and professional pre -sales after -sales service.The shop’s products are sexy, high -quality, and diversified as the main selling points, and their prices are also more reasonable, which is loved by consumers.

10. Sexy Valley Instead Underwear Shop

Sexy Valley Innerwear Shop is located in Zhuhai City, and is a shop for wholesale and retail wholesale and retail.The main selling points of the shop’s products are diversified, personalized, and unique. They also pay attention to quality, hygiene and intimate services, so that consumers can have a good shopping experience.


In summary, the shops in Guangdong’s sexy underwear wholesale market can be described as strange. Consumers can choose the appropriate store to buy according to their needs and preferences.Of course, you must carefully screen when choosing a shop to choose the most cost -effective sexy underwear products.

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