What are the names of sexy underwear?

Types of the name of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special style of underwear. It usually combines sexy design elements, which aims to enhance the sexual experience.There are many types of erotic underwear, and some common names are introduced here.

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear refers to underwear with sexy and temptation as the main design element. It can help women shape sexy lines and body curves, and can also improve sexual confidence.Common sexy underwear includes lace, perspective, bellyband, etc.

2. Uniform temptation underwear

Uniform temptation underwear combines various uniform elements, such as school uniforms, nurses, flight attendants, etc., usually shows an atmosphere of identity and role -playing.This underwear can help couples enhance interest and passion.

3. Open underwear

Opening underwear usually opens the mouth in the part, so that it is not necessary to take off the underwear when it is convenient, improve the convenience of sex during sex.This underwear can be divided into two types: semi -open and full -gear according to the degree of openness of different parts.

4. Gift lingerie

Gift underwear is generally a special gift for lover. Their design and materials are usually relatively high -end. After wearing it, they can show the unique charm of women.Common gift underwear includes Valentine’s Day underwear, birthday underwear, wedding underwear.

5. Stockings suit

Stockings suits are usually a set of sexy underwear composed of stockings, underwear, bra, strap, etc.In addition to sexy, stockings suits can also play a role in modifying leg shape and improving hip lines, which makes it a popular sexy underwear.

6. Girl dressing jelly

Maid wear underwear is a Japanese sexy underwear. It usually includes elements such as maid headnings, maid clothes, maid mini skirts, which can make feminine into cute and charming maids to satisfy the various sexual fantasies of others.

7. Plopeoat

Plush underwear is an unusual erotic underwear. Its main material is the short velvet of fluffy, which can bring a soft and warm touch, making the experience of sex more coordinated and pleasant.Common plush underwear includes plush ship socks, plush body pants.

8. Broken Pants

Triangle panties are a kind of leakage triangle, sexy, cute, neither the solemnity of marriage, nor the boldness of pursuing sexy.It is usually the entry style of sexy underwear, which is easy to match with various jackets, jackets and shoes.

9. chest stickers

Breast paste is a patch that does not be exposed to women’s nipples and areolas. It is generally made of elastic glue and polyester fiber. It can be fixed to the chest and will not feel uncomfortable.Interesting underwear.

10. nightclub underwear

Nightclub underwear is a kind of underwear with obvious nightclubs. It usually has elements such as music, lighting, alcohol, etc. at night can increase women’s charm and sense of appearance, and can also attract the attention of the opposite sex.

in conclusion

All in all, the name of the sexy underwear must ultimately choose to match the body and temperament, which can shape both a good figure and show the charm of women. Pay particular attention to comfort and avoid harm to the body.

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