Taobao sex underwear model shooting price

Background introduction

With the continuous development of the sexy underwear market, many Taobao shops began to find models for sexy underwear shooting.The model shooting price has also become one of the focus of merchants.

Shooting price factor

Taobao sex underwear model shooting prices are dependent on a variety of factors, mainly including the popularity, experience, and appearance conditions of the model itself.At the same time, there are also aspects of shooting location, shooting time, clothing props, etc.

The price of celebrities is high

If the merchant wants to invite some well -known celebrity models to shoot sex underwear, the shooting price will be relatively high.Some successful Internet celebrities, with a large number of fans, will use their popularity and influence as a selling point, so their shooting price is higher than that of ordinary models.

Professional model prices are moderate

Compared with the celebrity models, the shooting price of ordinary professional models is moderate.These models have rich experience and skills in the modeling industry, which can better show the texture and charm of sexy underwear.

Novice model prices are cheaper

If the business budget is not high, you can consider inviting some novice models to shoot.These models are usually cheaper. Relatively speaking, they do not have much experience and popularity, and they need to conduct certain guidance and training in later shooting.

The shooting location and time have less impact on the price

The impact of sexy underwear shooting location and time has less impact on prices.Merchants can choose the shooting location and time according to their needs and budgets, and make reasonable adjustments to the price according to the actual situation.

Clothing props need to be paid extra

In sexy underwear shooting, clothing props are also indispensable.Merchants need to communicate with the models in advance, but the corresponding costs need to be paid extra. Therefore, the merchant needs to be fully prepared in the budget.

Choosing a regular shooting mechanism is more reliable

Merchants should also consider choosing a formal sexy underwear shooting institution for cooperation.These institutions have experienced photographers and photography teams that can provide merchants with more professional and intimate services, and at the same time the price will be more transparent and reasonable.


In summary, there are many factors for Taobao sex underwear model shooting. Merchants need to choose suitable models and shooting institutions according to their own needs, budgets and brand positioning, and shoot the product better through reasonable communication and practical cooperation.

Finally, choosing good models and shooting agencies, it is worth spending more costs for merchants to choose better shooting services, establish a brand image, and achieve better promotion results.

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