Shanghai Fairy Underwear Show Taiwan Model

Shanghai Fairy Underwear Show Taiwan Model

Shanghai Fairy Underwear Show Taiwan Model

The Shanghai Sex Underwear Show is an annual event, attracting sexy underwear enthusiasts and practitioners from all over the world.This year’s exhibition has new unexpected surprises, and the arrival of Taiwanese models has added more passion to the entire exhibition.In this article, we will take you to understand some of the highlights of the Shanghai Inskirts this year, as well as the sexy lingerie styles displayed by Taiwanese models for us.

Exhibition overview

The Shanghai Sex Underwear Show is a global largest sexy underwear exhibition. The exhibition is large, showing the sexy underwear of many different brands.The content of the exhibition is dominated by various exquisite sexy underwear, including sexy underwear and uniforms.At this exhibition, nearly a thousand brands from more than 50 countries and regions around the world exhibited, with a total area of 20,000 square meters.

Taiwanese model debut

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At this exhibition, the famous Taiwanese models are particularly unveiled, bringing various exquisite sexy underwear to the audience.These underwear styles are both sexy and unique, winning applause from the audience.

1. The explosive sexy underwear displayed by Taiwanese models for us

These sexy underwear comes from explosive design, with distinctive colors, novel styles, and more charm to wear.These underwear show the unique taste and creativity of Taiwanese designers.

2. Taiwanese models wear unique and individual sexy underwear

Unlike other underwear brands, the sexy lingerie style of Taiwan models focuses on personalized design.These erotic underwear show the charm, intellectual and spiritual style of the models.

3. Taiwanese models show us a softer sexy underwear

These erotic underwear are even softer, both light and classic, more comfortable and elegant to wear.The design ideas of Taiwanese models also highlight the soft material and the comfort of underwear.

Audience response

Undoubtedly, the appearance of Taiwanese models is one of the most noticeable highlights in the audience.The audience said that the sexy underwear design of this exhibition is both sexy and charm, but also reflects taste and skills, showing the designer’s high -level creativity.

Curvy Plus

1. The audience felt innovation and high -end quality.

These sexy underwear is very creative and high -level design quality.They combine various elements and styles to bring a new look to the market.

2. The audience is satisfied with the quality of sexy underwear.

The quality of these sexy underwear is impeccable, and each detail is handled very well.The audience felt the high attention of the brand’s quality.

3. The audience felt the style of designers and regions in different countries and regions.

The exhibition focuses on the works of designers from different countries and regions around the world. The audience felt the differences between them and experienced the taste and style of different countries and regions.


In this exhibition, we can see that sexy underwear designers have presented the charm of sexy underwear in a unique manner. They continue to innovate, break through tradition, and make sexy underwear have been fully displayed and developed.The appearance of Taiwanese models has provided us with richer choices and expanded our field of vision.We believe that as consumers’ requirements for quality and taste are getting higher and higher, the competition in the sexy underwear industry will become more and more intense. Designers need to keep the spirit of innovation at all times, and continue to pursue perfection.Essence