Sexy underwear opening stall stockings Beauty photo

Sexy underwear opening stall stockings Beauty photo

Sexy underwear opening stall stockings Beauty photo

Sexy underwear is the fashion trend of modern women. It not only allows people to inspire a sexy temperament by personal costumes, but also a way for beautiful women to show their sexy heart.In women’s sexy underwear, opening stockings is a common way of dressing, which pushes the sexy atmosphere to the extreme.

The trend of opening stockings

Opening stall stockings can be described as a wonderful work in the trend of sexy underwear. It not only shows the elegance and charm of stockings, but also fully releases the sexy of the human body through an open design.Whether in modern times or in the past, the opening stockings are a red man and green woman showing a sexy trend.

Design of opening stockings

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The purpose of the design of the opening stockings is to make women more convenient to wear it. In the design of this stockings, the leg part has no closed structure, and the convenience of wearing is ensured through an open design.At the same time, this design solution is also a way to better show women’s sexy way.

Type of opening stockings

There are countless types of opening stockings. It can be divided into a variety of types such as lace open crotch stockings, mesh open crotch stockings, and lace -crotch stockings.Between various types, due to the different patterns and materials, they also have their own different sexual characteristics.

The technique of opening the stall stockings

There are many skills to wear opening stockings, but one of the basic principles is to match with clothing.For matching, the opening stockings should be matched with clothing according to the style, color and occasion.In this case, it will not lose charm because of monotonous.

The temperament of opening stockings

The temperament of opening stockings is mainly sexy.When a woman puts on the opening stockings on her body, her sexy temperament is fully displayed and has high aesthetic value.

The charm of opening stockings

The charm of opening stockings is not only sexy, it also has an unspeakable artistic atmosphere.Lace, lace, etc. make people feel the unique fragrance of stockings, and the bright colors fully show the beauty and charm of women.


Brand of opening stockings

There are many brands in the opening stockings, and the international brands and domestic brands are uneven.Chengxiaoxuan, FITYLE, Iiniim, etc. are one of the well -known brands in the field of sexy underwear in China.

Applicable scene of opening stockings

Compared with ordinary stockings, it is more convenient to wear opening stockings, and it also has great advantages in showing sexy charm and enthusiasm for women.Therefore, the diversified scene of opening stockings, such as nightclubs, party, and interest are definitely one of the perfect choices.


Opening stockings is a way to wear in modern women’s needs. It shows women’s noble sexy through its unique sexy charm.The matching of wearing is also a process of demand skills and aesthetics. Choosing the right brand and style is more likely to show sexy charm.