Sexy underwear non -mainstream

Sexy underwear non -mainstream

Sexy underwear non -mainstream

As a product used to enhance sex, sexy underwear is no longer just the matching of stockings and leather whip, but more and more types. The design and style of design and style are gradually being replaced.Today we will take you to understand some non -mainstream forms of love underwear.

1. Sexual underwear for mesh design

The sexy underwear of the mesh design is reminiscent of the sexy queen and is in the dance hall.The sexy underwear of such designs is not only good breathability, but also very suitable for sexy hip lines.

2. Steak design of sexy underwear

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Bead design is a more novel in sexy underwear design.This design can not only enhance the diversity of clothing visually, but also add more interest to sex scenes and let you feel the real experience exactly like the scene.

3. Sex design sexy underwear

The hollow design of the sexy underwear will be hollowed out as much as possible, and it is made into a complex and high -end pattern, bringing more visual temptations to lovers.

4. Interesting underwear designed by lace

As a traditional sexy underwear style, lace design also reflects a great beauty and romantic atmosphere in modern design. It not only has a gorgeous and noble sense, but also romantic and dreamy.

5. Sexy underwear with hollow design

The sexy lingerie of the sectarium design of the mesh eyes can easily combine red love and wild sensitivity.At the same time, it can also show the body curve more perfect and slender.

6.AV actress pajamas sexy underwear

The AV actress pajamas sexy underwear is full of Japanese style. The tight design also highlights her beautiful figure, making the figure look very tempting, and it is impossible to immerse them in it.

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7. Full of furry design sexy underwear

The fluffy design of the erotic underwear has a soft texture, which makes people feel a kind of warmth and comfort after putting it on.At the same time, it can add a romantic atmosphere in a dim love environment, making people feel more intimate.

8. Belly Board of Sexy underwear

Belly -style sexy underwear is one of the most Asian style sexy underwear. It is characterized by the traditional Japanese rich carvings and encounters, which makes people feel a strong oriental cultural atmosphere.

9. Resin sculpture sexy underwear

The resin sculpture sexy underwear uses the hard material of resin for sculpture, which not only has tough durability, but also brings people more like a elegant night.

10. Digital printing sexy underwear

The printing effect of digital printing lingerie is very clear. Various patterns are directly printed on the surface of the sexy underwear, showing different natural and artistic styles, such as clouds and fog, starry sky, sunrise sunset, etc.


In general, sexy underwear is no longer just sexy, but more and more design with creativity, personality and diversification.Under different situations such as family and field, non -mainstream sexy underwear has become one of the indispensable props for sex games.