Sexy underwear leak buttocks

Sexy underwear leak buttocks

Sexy underwear leak buttocks

Interest underwear is a specially designed clothing. It emphasizes sex and temptation, especially in sexual scenes.However, some fun underwear failed to meet the expectations of some people, especially in covering the buttocks.In this article, we will explore the reasons and solutions of sexy lingerie leak butt.

Reason 1: Misunderstanding Size

Many people question the size when choosing a sexy underwear.They may think that sexy underwear is smaller than conventional underwear, so as to choose a larger size style.This makes sense in some cases, but there is a small standard size table in sex underwear. Therefore, it is recommended to use your actual size when buying.

Reason 2: The thin thickness does not match

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The thickness of sexy underwear is usually thinner than the underwear wearing daily wear.If you choose too thin styles, you may leave traces of black or fleshy hooks in the back.It is recommended to choose appropriate thickness to avoid the underwear slipping.

Reason 3: Material selection

Material is the key to making sexy underwear.Some materials are soft and can be reduced or even covered with buttocks, but some materials do not have this function.Therefore, you should choose the sexy underwear of the appropriate material.

Reason 4: Improper design

Design is the soul of sex underwear.Some designs do not take into account the angle of covering the butt, but only focus on fully displaying the body curve.This is indeed a good thing for some people, but it is not so ideal for those who want to cover their ass.

Solution 1: Buy the sexy underwear of the correct size

As mentioned earlier, the size of the sex underwear has rarely unified standards.Therefore, when purchasing, it is based on your actual size to avoid purchasing too large or too small underwear.

Solution 2: Select sexy underwear with appropriate thickness

Too thin sexy underwear may cause hook -eye marks, and too thick erotic underwear may be very heavy, which is not good for maintaining its position.Therefore, it is recommended to choose the appropriate thickness of sexy underwear.


Solution 3: Select the right material

You can choose a soft material that is loose, reduced or covered with butt, such as velvet and linen.The texture of these materials can improve the comfort and touch of underwear.

Solution 4: Select the appropriate design

When choosing a sexy underwear, consider its design: including whether it contains thin bands, its length and thickness, and whether it has the function of covering the buttocks.In order to avoid the trouble of erotic lingerie leak, better choice design is capable of achieving this goal.


1. Determine your own size and buy sexy underwear based on this size.Even if it looks a bit small, you will find that it is actually suitable for you.

2. Avoid that the sexy underwear is too thin.Proper thickness will help the sexy underwear keep in a suitable position.

3. Choose a soft, loose, narrowed or covering material.

4. Before buying sexy underwear, consider the style of each design to find the one that suits you best.

In short, it is not difficult to solve the problem of erotic underwear. You only need to pay attention to the above reasons and solutions. To make the right choice and match, you can avoid this embarrassing problem.I hope everyone can find their own confidence in sexy sexy underwear.