Sexy underwear express photos

Sexy underwear express photos

Background introduction

Now, with the popularity of online shopping, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear online.Mailing sexy underwear express photos are becoming more and more common on the Internet.Buyers can confirm the quality and color of the product through these photos.However, these photos are not always completely accurate …

Question of sexy underwear express photos

Buyers may find that the color, size, material, or other aspects of the sexy underwear purchased from the Internet are not completely consistent with the photos.This may cause buyers to be dissatisfied or returned.The common problems include:

Inaccurate color

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When taking pictures, due to the interpretation of the color of the camera, the color of the sex underwear may change.When buying online, buyers can usually only rely on photos to choose colors.But the actual situation may be different from the photos.The size of color errors depends on factors such as light, camera, display and photo processing.

The size does not meet the expectations

The size of sexy underwear may change due to factors such as shooting angle.Moreover, compared with different figures, the size requirements are different. If the buyer does not know his body and size, it is easy to choose the product of the wrong size. The size does not meet the expectations. It is also a common problem.

Quality issues

Some merchants are too beautifying sexy underwear to attract buyers.However, the quality of actual products may be much lower than expected.Sometimes photos can make the sexy underwear look delicate, but in fact it may be poor quality and unbearable.


Although there are some inaccurate problems with sexy underwear express photos, as buyers, we can take some measures to minimize these problems:

Follow details

When buying sexy underwear, the important thing is not the physical map, but the detailed information page.The detailed information page should include all information about sexy underwear, including color, size, material, processing and other aspects.When choosing a buyer, you should refer to the detailed description on the detailed information page.

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View buyer comment

When choosing a sexy underwear, buyers should first pay attention to buyers’ comments.Especially those comments with pictures.Because real buyer comments can directly express their feelings of sexy underwear, and the photos in the comments can also give buyers a more real understanding.

Understand your own size

Before buying sexy underwear, buyers should accurately understand their body size.You can determine your size by trying to compare it.If the buyer is not sure of his size, he can measure it in various ways, and refer to the specific size data of the manufacturer.

Recommended merchant

Choosing a well -known brand manufacturer, while ensuring quality, can also reduce the problems caused by size and other factors.When choosing a merchant, you can also refer to the opinions of other buyers. You can also choose to buy offline physical stores. After paying, pick up the goods by yourself.

in conclusion

By taking the above measures, when buying sexy underwear online, buyers can greatly reduce problems caused by inaccurate photos.Although each measure does not fully ensure the accuracy of the situation, they can provide some convenience and help to online purchase of sexy underwear.Buyers should consider carefully, buy carefully, and try to avoid inconvenience such as returns and exchanges.