Sexy underwear beads display

Sexy underwear beads display

Sexy underwear beads display

What is sexy underwear beads?

The sexy underwear beads add some beads to the sexy underwear, making the underwear more sexy.Generally, there are two types of sexy underwear beads: one is bead skewers, which can be worn on the shoulder strap or back, or can be hung in the hem; the other is loose beads, scattered in the bras, panties, stockings and other positions.


There are many materials for sexy underwear beads, including crystals, plastic, glass, stones, etc.Different materials will bring different touch and effects, so you can choose according to personal needs when buying.

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suitable occasion

Interest underwear beads are suitable for some special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.It can also be used in sex games to increase interest and excitement.

Choose underwear type

Bead underwear is generally divided into branches, underwear, stockings and other types.When choosing underwear types, you can choose the style that suits you according to your body and wear needs.

Match other clothing

Interest underwear beads can be worn alone alone, but also use it with other clothing.For example, you can wear a suspender shirt outside, expose the pearl bra on the inside, and increase the sexy effect.

Underwear color selection

The color of bead underwear can be selected according to personal preferences, or it can also be selected according to different needs.For example, in sex games, some dark -tone underwear will be more teasing and exciting.

How to wear

Robes & Gowns

It is important to note that the beads of sexy underwear are to make the bead position appropriate. Do not wear uncomfortable or affect activities.In addition, be careful not to pull in the process of dressing to prevent beads from falling off.


The main points of the maintenance of the beads of sexy underwear are the same as ordinary underwear. You need to wash it with warm water, do not rub or machine hard.When drying, avoid direct sunlight to avoid affecting the color and shape of the beads.

Brand in the market

There are many fun underwear brands in the market, including Pu, Ai, Calemi and so on.Different brands have different styles, materials, and prices, and need to be selected according to personal preferences and needs.


As a novel underwear design, sexy underwear beads can increase sexy and irritating.Choose the right style, material and color, and pay attention to the position and maintenance of the beads when wearing, so as to ensure the comfort and durability of the wearing.