Sexy lingerie code picture girl

Sexy lingerie code picture girl

1. Size selection of bra

Each woman’s figure is unique, so we need to pay attention to the size when choosing a sexy underwear, especially the size of the bra.To ensure the best comfort and appearance effect, we need to know our bust and cup size.The bust size refers to the actual size below your chest, and the cup size refers to your breast size.The suitable bras will keep the shape of the chest to prevent discomfort and unnecessary compression.

2. Selection of different materials

Interest underwear can be made from various materials, including cotton, silk, linen, lace, and so on.Choosing the correct material can make you more comfortable and the appearance effect is better.If your skin is easy to be sensitive, it is a good choice to choose cotton underwear.If you want a sexy appearance, you can consider choosing lace or silk materials.

3. Different types of sexy underwear

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There are many different types of erotic underwear, each of which has different characteristics and uses.For example, the bra can perfectly fit your chest shape, and the body clothes can make your waist line clearer.At the same time, stockings and suspenders can also enhance your sexy charm.

4. Choice of style and color

There are many different styles and colors to choose from sexy underwear.To choose the right color and style, you need to pay attention to your skin color and figure, as well as your own personality characteristics.For example, white and pink sexy underwear is suitable for women with darker skin tone, while black and red sexy underwear is suitable for women with lighter skin tone.

5. Adjust the role of sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear is adjusted, which can help us adjust our shape and shape.Whether you want to improve the waist lines, or make your chest more plump, adjustment of sexy underwear can bring immediate results.

6. Selection of pairing

When choosing sexy underwear, we should pay attention to their pairing choices.For example, if you are choosing a suspender shirt, it will definitely enhance your sexy charm with a beautiful stockings.

7. Cleaning and maintenance

Sex underwear needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently to ensure their appearance and quality.First, we need to clean according to the instructions on the label, including temperature and washing method.At the same time, we also need to avoid using detergents containing bleach and powerful sewage.

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8. Quality choice

The quality of sex underwear directly affects the comfort and appearance effect of wearing.Therefore, we should choose high -quality sexy underwear to ensure the best experience.

9. The importance of comfort

Whether when choosing sexy underwear or wearing sexy underwear, comfort is a very important factor.We need to choose a comfortable, suitable figure sexy underwear, so as not to wear discomfort for the body for a long time.

10. Sexy definition

Sexy is a kind of spiritual feeling, and sexy underwear is an expression.Everyone can have their own sexy definition and expression.Choosing the right sexy underwear can enhance self -confidence and charm and show the style and image you want.

In general, choosing the right sexy underwear requires many factors, including size, material, type, pairing choice, and so on.Only by understanding these factors can we choose the best sexy underwear that suits us and show the best sexy charm.