Sex underwear wearing the whole process

Sex underwear wearing the whole process

Sex underwear wearing the whole process

Thank you for reading this article. This article will introduce the entire process of sexy underwear wearing, from the choice of underwear to wearable skills to help you wear comfortable and beautiful sexy underwear.Here are the detailed steps of the whole process.

1. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First, you need to understand your body type, skin color, and the style you want to present.According to these factors, choose a sexy underwear that suits you.If you like to show the curve, you can choose a tight -fitting style and better perspective. If you like light and charming, you can choose the style made of lace and silk.

2. High -quality underwear quality is important

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Note that choosing high -quality sexy underwear is very important. Poor quality underwear may compress or tighten your body, causing torture your skin.High -quality underwear is made of protective fabrics and structures that conform to the body’s ergonomics, which can provide comfort and protection for your whole body.Therefore, to ensure that the underwear brand you buy has a good reputation and continuous market recognition.

3. Try to penetrate your sexy underwear

After buying underwear, try it out to check the size and comfort, which is very important.Most sexual underwear may be selected by size and half to make sure you choose a size and style that suits you.If you are not sure of your size, you can measure the size table on the store’s official shopping website.

4. bra selection

It is also very important to choose a cup and style that suits you.For women with smaller chests, bras with no pads or some pads can increase their chest volume and make them fuller.For larger breasts, you can choose large cups, triangular bra and other styles to reduce weight.Different types of bras are used in different scenarios and have different functions, so please choose styles that suits your scenes.

5. style choice

The choice of sexy underwear style can be combined with your daily dressing style.If you like a simple and natural style, you can choose basic sexy lingerie styles, such as a bra, one -third of the bra.For women who like sexy, bold style, you can choose a festive sexy underwear, split or high heels made of lace and silk.

6. Adjust bra and panties

After choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, of course you need to wear them.When wearing a bra, adjust your bra to adjust your bra.When wearing underwear, adjust the position of the waist and hips to ensure that the underwear will not tighten your body and fit the skin.Don’t over -adjust your chest and hips, which will cause your skin discomfort.


7. Charming layered wear

Multi -layer wearing sexy underwear is also very interesting.A exquisite corset or bold pink silk underwear put on some strange zippers and small buttons. If you have room for pursuit, you can try your own hierarchical wishes.Stratified wear can also be multiple synthesis, select your underwear according to the scene.

8. With a suitable jacket or coat

Interest underwear may be used as a party or special occasions.After wearing a fun underwear, it is also important to match the appropriate coat and coat.Choosing a coat and coat that suits you will make your wear more comfortable, beautiful and reasonable.

In short, wearing sexy underwear requires careful preparation and appropriate skills, and you must choose the right size and style to ensure the results.Wearing sexy underwear is not only to make the body more comfortable, but also increases self -confidence and beauty.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, we must also respect and appreciate yourself.