Sex underwear unparalleled code

Sex underwear unparalleled code

Sex underwear unparalleled code

Interest underwear is a special underwear designed to increase interest, and the design of the sexy underwear is one of the important parts.When choosing sexy underwear, understanding of the design of various parts can help you choose the product you need most suitable for you.This article will introduce the various parts of the sexy underwear.

1. Cup type

The cup type of sexy underwear can generally be roughly divided into three categories: full cup, half -cover cup and no cup.The area of the full -cover cup is large, which can cover the chest in full, giving people a sense of security, especially suitable for women with large chests.The half -covered cup can leave more chests while covering the nipples, which makes people feel sexy and bold.The non -cup design shows the natural curve of the chest more, which is more sexy.

2. Shoulder strap

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The shoulder strap is another important part of the sexy underwear. The width and length of the shoulder strap determine the support and shaping effect of the sexy underwear on the chest.The shoulder strap should be closely fitted with the cup to keep the chest comfortable and natural.When choosing a sexy underwear, the adjustment function of the shoulder strap must also attract attention to ensure the comfort of wearing.

3. Back design

The design of the back, especially the strap, will affect the comfort and stability of sexy underwear.Some sexy underwear standard backbands are narrow, but this will also reduce the support capabilities of the back.The wider strap will be more comfortable, but it may reduce some sexy designs.In addition, the hook buckle on the back is also consistent with the overall design of the underwear in order to wear convenience and beauty.

4. Belt

The belt is another key part of the sexy underwear.Through the design and adjustment of the belt, a variety of different waistline can be created.This is critical to women who want to emphasize their curve aesthetics.The length and material of the belt also need to pay attention to ensure comfort and stability.

5. Crotch design

The crotch design is a part of the sexy underwear for different needs.Some sexy underwear has an open crotch design to facilitate the development of sex games, while others have a more natural crotch design to ensure the comfort and privacy during wear.

6. Filling assistance

Filling is one of the design methods for sexy underwear to enhance the beauty of the dairy.Some sexy underwear may be equipped with inner pads and chest pads, making the chest more upright and plump.At the same time, these filling auxiliary can also set off more design elements of sexy underwear. The better the craftsmanship, the better the sexy underwear is usually equipped with better filling materials.


7. Sales

Sales can make sexy underwear more supportive and tough in dressing feelings.Some sexy underwear is designed with metal bone plates on the bone -selling part to increase the support width of the breast.Other sexy underwear achieves the effect of bone sales through high elastic steel wire or polyamide fiber.

8. Fabrics and materials

The fabrics and materials of sexy underwear are also a very critical link.The soft fabric will make the wearer feel comfortable, while the thinner and breathable fabric will increase the sexy of the sexy underwear.In addition to fabrics, there are also materials such as lining and silk, which must be consistent with design and price to achieve the best results.


When selecting sexy underwear, pay attention to the matching of the design of each part with the actual needs.Only by considering these factors can we choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.