Interesting underwear novel plot

Interesting underwear novel plot


The protagonist of this novel is a girl named Kate.She is a fun underwear expert, and her profession is to make every woman confident in her body.With her growth in this field, she met various people and heard their suggestions and needs, but in the end she found that the most important thing for women is their inner feelings, not their bodiesEssence

Act 1: The first time to meet

This is one night, Kate is working in her sexy lingerie shop, and a tall man walks in.He looked a little shy, but his eyes were confident.He asked Kate whether he could choose a perfect sexy underwear for his girlfriend.

Act 2: Relax

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After helping him choose a perfect set of underwear, Kate suggested that he drink a cup of coffee and relax.He listened to Kate’s suggestion and became a lot of relaxation.This is the first time he has bought a messy underwear. He is grateful to Kate for his professional advice and patient guidance.

Act III: Seeing the second time

One month later, when a man came to Kate’s shop for the second time, he had a shopping bag in his hand.When Kate asked, the man explained that his girlfriend got huge joy and fun from the last surprise, so he now wants to buy a sexy underwear again for her and ask Kate to help again.

Act 4: Deeper talk

This evening, men and Kate sat in the shop and talked about their lives and experiences.The man told Kate that his girlfriend was a very confident woman, but she was worried that her figure was not perfect.Therefore, he believes that sexy underwear can enhance her confidence and let her feel her boyfriend’s love and appreciation.Kate thought deeply.

Act 5: Sharing Experience

Since this evening, men have become Kate’s loyal customers. He often buys sexy underwear as a romantic surprise for him and his girlfriend.He even invited Kate to a dinner party to communicate experience with his girlfriend and share design inspiration.

Act 6: Doubt and concerns

One night, the man came to Kate’s shop and bought a new sexy underwear.But this time he was not as high as usual as usual, but seemed doubts and concerns.Kate asked the reason that the man said that his girlfriend seemed to lose confidence. She thought that her body was outdated and she was no longer suitable for wearing fun underwear.

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Act 7: Internal surprise

Kate thought this was not a problem, so she invited the man to bring his girlfriend to her shop.When the girl walked into the store, she looked very introverted and nervous, but under the professional guidance of Kate, she finally chose her favorite erotic underwear.When she went home to try on, she felt surprised and pleasant.

Act eighth: final decision

Since then, the girl has become a frequent visitor to Kate. She has chosen different styles and styles of sexy underwear to enhance her confidence and courage.Her boyfriend also thanked Kate for their changes.In the end, he put forward an idea to Kate, hoping to design a series of sexy underwear series to bring more confidence and beauty to more women.


The purchase and dressing of sexy underwear is not just to cater to male aesthetics, but more importantly, letting women feel their beauty and confidence.Interest underwear itself is just a tool, but under the correct guidance and guidance of this tool, women can better understand and appreciate their bodies, and help them restore self -confidence and courage.