How many years old are sexy sheets?

Sex underwear: How old is used from?

Interest underwear can enhance our life interest and bring more fun to daily life.However, many people have a question: How old is it suitable to start using sexy underwear?This article will answer this question for you.

After adolescence

Generally speaking, after adolescence, women’s body development has basically stopped.At this time, women’s bodies have matured, and they can better show the beauty of sexy underwear.Therefore, women after puberty can try some simple and comfortable sexy underwear.

College Students

College students usually start seeking freshness and stimulation, so they are the main consumer groups of sexy underwear.College women can try some sexy underwear with novel design, graffiti or cartoon patterns, while university men can choose some exposed or highly transparent styles to exude male charm.

Marriage stage

When women begin to enter the age of marriage, they will pay more attention to the various beautifications of the figure and appearance, and sexy underwear is also one of their choices.At this time, you can choose some more mature and sexy sexy underwear to make yourself more confident and charming.


The body of women during pregnancy is changing, and wearing sexy underwear may not be suitable at this time.At this stage, women can choose more comfortable underwear. Pay attention to the large size of the waist circumference and bust.If you need it, you can also wear a thin dress and lace jacket suitable for pregnancy on the outer layer to show the beauty of women.

Postpartum stage

Postpartum women’s bodies are still in the restoration stage, and at this time, it is not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.It is recommended to choose some comfortable, cotton texture underwear, which helps to recover from the body.It should be noted that after the recovery period, women can try to restore sexy and cheer up for themselves.

Middle -aged

Middle -aged people pay more attention to plastic surgery and anti -aging, and sexy underwear is no exception.The sexy underwear suitable for middle -aged people can be more conservative. In terms of style, you can also choose some simple and quality -based products.Men of this age can start with a simple and low -key style of design, reflecting the stable and mature grace.


For the elderly, sexy underwear or sexy underwear may not be their first choice.The elderly pay more attention to keeping warm, comfort and health. It is recommended to choose suitable underwear, such as sweat absorption, breathability, softness and so on.Of course, if the elderly are interested in themselves, they can also choose simple and comfortable, generous sexy underwear.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding

The body of pregnant women and lactating women has changed a lot, so it is necessary to choose more special underwear to adapt to their own changes.Pregnant women’s underwear needs to buy a size suitable for you, mainly comfort.Underwear during lactation needs to consider the convenience, support, and aesthetics of breastfeeding.


In summary, choosing sexy underwear is not just a matter of age, but to consider personal needs and physiological characteristics.Putting on a suitable erotic underwear can make us more confident and beautifully show ourselves and increase the aesthetic experience of ourselves and others.

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