Guanyun sexy underwear open crotch pants

Guanyun sexy underwear open crotch pants

Guanyun sexy underwear open crotch pants


Guanyun sexy underwear shop is a sexy underwear shop that is wholesale and retail, located on the streets of the city center of Guanyun, Jiangsu.This store mainly sells various types of sexy underwear, including sexy lingerie, beauty sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc.This article mainly introduces a special sexy underwear -crotch pants.


Open crotch pants are a special sexy underwear. Unlike ordinary underwear, there are crotch mouths in important parts to facilitate sex and excretion. You don’t have to take off your entire underwear.Open crotch pants are divided into two types: men’s and women’s styles, which are suitable for different gender needs.

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Men’s open crotch pants

The men’s open crotch pants are mainly designed to facilitate the faster and conveniently meet the needs of themselves and their partners in sex.They use high -quality fabrics, high elasticity and softness, comfortable wearing, and some men’s open crotch pants are equipped with special functions, such as delayed lust and enhanced sexual ability.

Women’s open crotch pants

Women’s open crotch pants are similar to men’s styles, and the design is also convenient for convenience.Women who love beauty can choose different types of open crotch pants to meet their different needs, such as lace design and lace materials.The color of women’s open crotch pants also has a variety of colors, including classic colors such as black, white, red, and some functions with strong sex, such as increasing excitement.

Way of wear

The method of wearing the men’s open crotch pants and women’s crotch pants is basically the same. It is recommended to wear it before forming the emotional venue, which can greatly save undressing.After putting on open crotch pants, you only need to easily open your crotch to enjoy a fast and convenient sex journey.


When sex or excretion, just open the crotch and operate.It is recommended to clean and replace it in time after use to ensure the cleanliness of the underwear.


Lingerie Set

Before wearing open crotch pants, pay attention to personal hygiene and underwear hygiene to avoid infection or other diseases.When using open crotch pants, pay attention to whether the inner crotch mouth has been completely opened to avoid accidents.

For people

Open crotch pants are suitable for men and women of all ages. It is especially suitable for enthusiasts, more stable feelings, and people who need to improve the quality of sexual life or healthy obesity or healthy people.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of open crotch pants are convenient, fast, and wide range of applications, especially in public toilets and wild environments. It can avoid embarrassment.The disadvantage is that it is easy to wear or unhygienic to cause infection.


To buy open crotch pants in the Guanyun sexy underwear shop, the price is between 100-200 yuan, and factors such as material, brand, style and other factors are different.


Open crotch pants are a very special product in sexy underwear, which brings people a more convenient and fast sexual life experience.If you are a love enthusiast or want to try new things, you may wish to buy a piece of open crotch pants to the cloud sex underwear shop to enjoy the new sex life experience.